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H&M has come under fire for featuring a young Black model on its site who appears to have uncombed and inappropriately styled natural hair.

A screenshot of the young girl started circulating on Twitter and Instagram on Thursday after many noted how her hair was a mess in a pulled back bun. One of the biggest critics was celebrity hairstylist Vernon Francois, who shared the image on IG along with the caption:

“This beautiful young girl’s #kinky hair appears to have had very little to no attention yet all of her counterparts have clearly sat in front of someone who was more [than] capable of styling other hair textures,” Francois captioned a screenshot on his Instagram. “My heart breaks imagining yet another girl from my community sitting in front of a mirror being ignored by the team around her, left to her own devices because someone didn’t know how to handle her texture.”

Francois added, “It’s breathtaking to me that not one person looked at this shot and had the same reaction that the internet seems to be feeling since the campaign broke,” he wrote. “THAT IS AN ISSUE.”

See his full post below.

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