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Nicole Murphy went on “The Wendy Williams Show” to talk about her alleged hookup in Italy with married director Antoine Fuqua, but its unclear if she answered the questions everyone wanted answered. Murphy told Wendy, who had asked for her to come on, that social media blew up the encounter which showed the two kissing in an intimate way a few months back.

In the photos, neither seems to be concerned about cameras in close vicinity. The photos showed them kissing by the pool with Murphy and Fuqua in swimwear (or what looked like swimwear as Fuqua was shirtless and wrapped in a towel.

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Fuqua’s wife of 20 years, actress Lela Rochon was nowhere to be seen, but her social media in the last year showed her celebrating major milestones with her husband including his last birthday. Neither Fuqua nor Rochon has ever publicly commented on the photos.



Murphy took the brunt of the blame, with social media posts suggesting that she and Rochon were close friends and LisaRaye McCoy chiming in saying that she’d also slept with her ex-husband, former Turks and Caicos premier Micheal Misick who she lated said was a liar and serial cheater.




Murphy told Williams she was not close to Rochon and that Misick had issued a statement that the allegations the two slept together weren’t true. Murphy publicly apologized saying that she’d made a mistake, but was vague on the details of how she and Fuqua hooked up or knew each other in the first place or what she was told that could have led her to believe that he was no longer with his wife.

Murphy blamed social media for the story blowing up, and although it was the pics themselves that damned her, she had a point, as both Murphy and Rochon were seen as more to blame publicly than Fuqua. Murphy was vilified as a “homewrecker” and it was  suggested that Rochon gaining weight over the years led Fuqua to find another option.

Watch the video below. What do you think of Murphy’s apology?