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It’s been a rather slow new week, maybe due to the heat. But fans of good gossip and celebrity scandals can celebrate as there is a big potential scandal breaking out of Italy. Married director Antoine Fuqua, known for “Training Day” “American Gangster” and “The Equalizer” movies with Denzel Washington was spotted in Italy with none other than Eddie Murphy’s ex Nicole Murphy.

The two were cuddled up and kissing in Italy and apparently unbeknownst to them, someone caught them on camera.

Fuqua’s wife of 20 years, “Waiting To Exhale” actress Lela Rochon has not publicly commented nor has Fuqua but Rochon has deleted her social media accounts. Murphy’s Instagram remains full of positive comments so either she’s employing someone to delete any negatives or maybe, as the photos have just been released any backlash simply hasn’t caught up to her yet.

While Rochon was referring to Fuqua on social media and to them as a couple as late as February of this year, it’s possible that the couple has quietly split and that he and Murphy have been dating under the radar. It does not appear from the pics, posted online and to a Twitter account, that they are making any attempts to hide or be discreet and the photos appear to be taken from a close distance.

No divorce filing from either Fuqua or Rochon has emerged. And you may remember that when “Suits” actress Gina Torres, who the world thought was still with ex-husband Laurence Fishburne, was spotted kissing another man, it was revealed that the couple had broken up some time before. Nicole Murphy has five children with Eddie Murphy and recently became a grandmother. Rochon and Fuqua have two children together.

You can see pics HERE. 

However, in a statement obtained by blogger Love B. Scott, Murphy denied any affair, saying they were just family friends exchanging a “friendly” kiss.


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