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Radio veteran Ebro Darden and 50 Cent chopped it up recently about a range of topics, including Nicki Minaj’s retirement announcement, 50’s recent reunion with Dr. Dre and JAY-Z’s controversial partnership with the NFL.

We previously reported … JAY’s Roc Nation inked a deal with the NFL that will see him serve as the league’s “live music entertainment strategist” and advocate for the its nonprofit charity Inspire Change.

Fifty pointed out that Roc Nation is home to many of the top hip-hop artists.

“I think that anything that goes on in the culture with people that you’ve already interacted, [they] kind of already have an interest in it slightly. Because it’s already happening to somebody you met or you know them and you looked at for them in that case,” Fifty explained, noting JAY-Z’s connection with Meek Mill, who just beat a decades-long criminal case in Philadelphia, per

“I don’t know if it makes it his full responsibility to do those things,” the rapper continued.

“When you say I [quietly] do those things, it’s because I don’t want anybody to feel like it’s my responsibility to do it when it’s not. It’s something I’m doing on my own merit in between time.”

The “Power” star also explained why JAY-Z “didn’t have to answer those questions” during his NFL press conference last month. “He could have just went home, man. Like why you gotta answer that?” Fifty asked.

“Now the deal itself…how people feel is their feelings and everyone’s feelings are valid. But when you are doing business and you’re going ‘Okay, so you are not wanting us to do the deal because of…what exactly?’”

50 Cent also addressed the shade Rick Ross threw his way recently during an interview with Big Boy. While promoting his latest album, “Port of Miami 2,” Ross took a jab at 50 Cent, saying: “Honestly, I’m a businessman. If 50 Cent still had value, I may have been done it. But not being funny, homie just ain’t that dude no more.”

Fifty and Rick Ross have been beefing for years, but when Complex asked the “In da Club” rapper about the comments, he didn’t add fuel to the fire.

“I never made music with him. I don’t have interest in making music with him,” 50 Cent said. “A lot of these guys, even when you make reference to music culture and stuff like that, they’re one-trick ponies, so they’re going to be gone. In hip-hop, they say it’s not what have you done, what have you done for me lately, right? So you could get next to the guys that got momentum and try and survive based on that. But, it’s not a lot going on there.”

Watch the 31-minute interview above, where 50 Cent also clears up his beef with Wendy Williams.

50 Cent: A History Of Beef
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