Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson previously opened up about how Donald Trump’s administration offered him “half a million dollars to go” to Trump’s Jan. 20, 2017 swearing in.

Earlier this year, the Power star told Late Late Show” host James Corden that he didn’t do it “because I didn’t know if I could fix the damage.”

“To be honest with you, all money is not good money. You have to be careful with what you’re doing publicly. Don’t bring me to fix the African-American vote,” Jackson said.



He echoed the same during a recent interview with The Daily Beast, telling the publication: “He offered me a half-million just to come!” 50 Cent said. “I didn’t think that was a good move at that point. You find out that every dollar is not a good dollar, and how do you repair the damage that that does?”

The conversation then turned to A$AP Rocky and how Trump pushed to get the American rapper released from a Swedish jail — instead of focusing on issues that matter to all Americans.

“He’s still the president of America at the present moment. You’re gonna help A$AP? Wait… this kid is from Harlem! This is more exciting than an Emmy or a Golden Globe. I would take the tweet, print it out, and have the little picture from Twitter go next to it and put it on the wall, because he’s talking specifically about me while he’s the president of America. We’re just living in a different climate right now. It’s crazy.”

50 also believes Trump is cozying up to celebs like A$AP, Kanye West, and the Kardashians to woo Black voters.

“Look at the Kardashian relationship [with Trump]. Look at how far the social reach is there. Between Kim, Khloe and the other girls, it’s like 400 million people following them all online. Think about it! Just having them be supportive of what you’re doing is giving a whole lot of people the thought of, well, they are doing this. That’s a lot of influence and reach.”

Back in 2016, 50 Cent referred to Trump as “my president,” but now the “In Da Club” rapper feels Americans were sold a lie.

“His image has definitely changed. Initially, the reason why you heard his name so much in hip-hop is because it was aspirational. I don’t have to tell you this, but back then you could have put the name ‘Trump’ in front of a building and it would’ve sold for a bundle. But then you learn that the fact of the matter is, he was losing money,” says 50. “And no one knew he was losing so much money, and it still allowed him to be the president of America.”

Adding, “And [Trump’s] going to make a lot of it before it’s all over—with books and all that stuff, with his big following. You know, if you check the accounts, when Hillary was in office versus when she ran for president, there was a lot more money.”






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