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Last year Girl Trek made history when they walked 100 miles in honor of Tubman, and they’re not done making history. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with one of the co-founders Vanessa Garrison, who says they’re aiming toward making history again.

They’re hosting a stress protest focused on teaching women to prioritize their needs. Garrison says as women we have been taught to put the needs of others above ours and she calls that “toxic.”

Girl Trek is asking women to “reclaim 30 minutes a day for self care” and that can be done through walking which “has a rich history in our community.” Walking for just 30 minutes every day is, “the most powerful thing a woman or man can do for their health.”

Their goal is to have 1 million women be a part of Girl Trek by 2020; so far there are about “200,000 women who walk and wear super hero blue,” Garrison says.

Visit for more information about the event; and  for more information about the group.