Mo’Nique has had a problem with Oprah Winfrey for quite some time now.  We thought her grievance with the media maven had to do with (Mo’Nique) not being thrilled with the treatment, advice and even criticism she got from Oprah, as well as Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels in regard to how she approached promoting her role in “Precious” to Oscar voters and ultimately blackballing her from the industry.

As we said, we thought her animosity towards Oprah was based on the foregoing, but now we’re learning it’s also about something else that went down between the two of them. The 51-year-old comedian/actress gave up all the deets in an interview with Comedy Hype.

During her interview, she explained that Oprah called her and said her brother wanted to come on the show and talk about molesting her (Mo’Nique) when she was a young girl, and he wanted to tell other parents how to look out for molesters. Mo’Nique declined.

However, Mo began to see promos for the episode with her other family members being featured, including her mother, father and her other brother. This happened despite the fact that she told Oprah about her strained relationship with her mother. She was hurt that she wasn’t told in advance by Oprah they’d also be on the show.

“We didn’t discuss that, Oprah…I’m watching my father sit there, who was a strong alcoholic. I’m watching him drunk. I’m watching my mother be greedy. I’m watching my other brother, who was my manager, be greedy…I’m watching the scam.”

“I want you to understand something, see this is why me and Oprah Winfrey got a problem…until that woman says let me apologize to you publicly, it’ll be ’til the day that I leave this Earth, because what you did was malicious.”

The bottom line is that she has zero respect for Oprah at this point and has zero problems telling the world.

“I would say Oprah Winfrey: you know what you need to do. And stop hiding behind what you call is negative comments…what people are beginning to do is see you for who you are.”


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