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Mo’Nique continues to share her weight loss journey while encouraging her social media followers who need to shed a few pounds to do the same.

The actress took to Instagram on July 3 to share an inspirational video about their fitness regiment, telling her followers to “get out and move!”

“Hi my loves. So I just got finished my workout, right?” the 51-year-old said before urging fans to embark on a wellness journey of their own, per “When I got up this morning, and I read some of y’all’s post and y’all say ‘Mo, that looks amazing girl and I’m gonna start tomorrow and I’m gonna start next week and I’m gonna start when I get over this or over that, then you may never get to your start date. Your start date may be 10 years from now and now your health is in poor shape and now you become a burden on your family,” she said — watch via the IG video embed below.

“I say that to you all because it’s real. This is no joke. I show you all what I’m doing. It ain’t no lie you, y’all watch my weight go up and down, up and down, because it’s no joke,” she added.

Mo’Nique first shared her fitness goals back in 2018 when she flaunted her slimmer physique in an IG post and noted: “Today was the first time in my adult life that I’ve been under 200 pounds, so I wanted to let you all know it’s possible and you can do it and we can get there,” she said in an Instagram video.

“For me it was no surgery, no prepackaged foods, not listening to no spokespeople saying ‘it’s easy and you can do it,’” she explained in the video. “It was just putting in the work and not giving up on me … it’s called giving yourself a chance to live the best life you can live.”

As for exactly how she shed the weight? Mo’Nique credits raw food and “dancing the pounds off” with the help of Dwight Holt Jr., Page Six reported.

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