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A New Orleans-based church owned by Solange has been ordered by the city to turn down the noise inside the Garden District place of praise and worship.

According to, The First Christian Church was purchased for an undisclosed price by the Noble Jones Trust, and the paperwork was signed by one of its trustees: Vernell Jackson Keys. Keys is a close friend of the Knowles family, and in a 2015 Instagram post, Solange’s mother, Tina, described him as her “best friend since sixth grade.”

The Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office also has on record the other property Noble Jones Trust owns at 927 St. Ann Str., which belongs to Solange.

Click2Houston reports that the City of New Orleans Department of Safety and Permits issued a letter to Noble Jones Trust back in May, which noted that an inspection revealed the owners are in violation of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the City of New Orleans.

The property is allegedly being used as a recording studio.

via Click2Houston:

Neighbors told WGNO that they’ve been hearing loud music being played for hours from inside the property, almost daily. Some even said they’ve been having trouble sleeping because of the loud music.

The owners were warned in the letter that the property is not permitted to be used as an arts studio for zoning reasons, the report states.

“Please contact the Department of Safety and Permits to discuss the use of the subject property. The property was formerly a place of worship, which was a permitted use in the District,” the letter states. “The First Christian Church has not owned the property for the past year, so the Department needs confirmation that the new owners are using the property in compliance with regulations.”

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One thought on “Solange Warned Against Using New Orleans Church As Recording Studio

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