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Another white person has been caught on tape calling police on a black person because … well, just because.

In this case, the man, a father was begged by his tearful son not to do it, but we’re sure you know how that turned out.

The white man accused Wesley Michel, a black software engineer, who was visiting a friend at a San Francisco apartment building, of trespassing. The man, who has been identified as Christopher Cukor, asked to know the name of Michel’s friend who lived on the property. When Michel didn’t give his friends name, Cukor called police.

While his father was on the phone, according to the Daily Mail, the man’s son tugged at his jacket and pleaded with him to stop, saying: “Daddy, don’t.”

 Michael can be heard saying, “I’m recording you right now and you’re going to be the next person on TV. Just remember that, and you have your son with you.”

Cukor responds, “You don’t need to threaten me, you just need to get out of the building.”

As he tells police that “there’s a trespasser in my building,” his son cries, “Daddy, don’t. It’s for better. I agree with him, daddy.”

Cukor continues talking to police and says the visitor is, “filming me and refusing to leave” continuing that he “tailgated through the door, as I left he walked in.”

Off screen, the man’s friend arrives and is warmly greeted before the white man finally puts his phone down.

The video was originally shared by Michel and was later shared online by activist Tariq Nasheed.

According to Nasheed, Cukor is a YouTube employee who has since deleted his social media accounts.

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11 thoughts on “Little Boy Begs Dad To Not Call Cops On Black Man Waiting For Friend To Let Him Into Building

  1. Nathan Lee on said:

    I only have a few things to say – (1) White people you are not the police of the world and you do not have any God given right to stop and question people, any people but especially POC about their personal business and the actions they are taking unless those actions are addressed directly at or concerning you! If you persist on this course there are going to be some serious injuries and possibly death related to this practice. This is a warning. (2) All POC are not professional and diplomatic. Many do not choose to use their cell phone video as a way to deal with this kind of intrusion on their privacy and into their personal business. If this practice is not curtailed there is going to be some serious trouble and violence. (3) If Chris was so concerned for the building why didn’t he just privately call the police and tell them his concerns. He could have then stayed in the area and say how the situation played out. Once he saw the friend come and greet the man he could have called and cancelled the report. What made him think he needed to put the lives of him and his child in danger? I was because he felt that as a White person he was entitled to address this issue und the safety and protection of his “whiteness”. (4) Not all White people are racist. However most White people have an unconscious bias against POC. This bias when not proactively controlled causes racist behavior and that is the root of the problem. That bias coupled with the sense of “white entitlement” is what motivates these people to take risks with their lives over things that at in consequential. Be warned this has got to stop before a serious injure happens.

  2. Christianforreal on said:

    I agree that this White man may have been concerned about the ‘strange’ man seemingly coming into his building. However, why did he feel the need to ask this Black man for the name of his friend? Does he know every person that lives in this building or this complex? It’s one thing to feel like you want to protect yourself and others from shady goingson, but was this man shady looking? Was he acting strange? Once he was told that he was waiting for a friend to arrive, he should have continued on about his business. White people seem to think that they have the right to nose into anything they wish and we are SUPPOSED to cower in fear and submissiveness. Come on people those days are over!! That’s a long time gone. Stop harassing POC. And no every time a White person questions a POC doesn’t mean that he/she’s being racist, but you could probably bet your paycheck that is the case and double your money!!!

  3. The Truth on said:

    People truly need to work on there Hearts. Don’t be surprise if his son grown up and marry a black girl. GOD has a way to humble you. Your baby heart is in the right place and alot of young people are seeing and feeling the evil in their parents against others. You wonder whats wrong with the youths and violent rising. You need to start with YOU and people like you with Evil Hearts.

  4. Mick Johnson on said:

    Come on the person tailgated into the bldg and was an unfamiliar face. The father asked them whom they knew in the bldg and Michel refused to answer as is his right. But let’s be clear that Michel held the cards for how this would play out, he could have said my friend was parking the car and would be here in a moment and also threw in that his friend was handicapped. It’s at a point where everyone who is asked a question by another race is instantly a rascist and the phone comes out for the your the next viral video. Next time just give the other person the simple answer and move on. The tenant was just concerned for everyone at his apartment. We all know that people coming into a secure area like that opens the door for the possibility of a problem. Not racism just concerned. Quit taking everything out of context.

  5. Terry on said:

    How is this hate is it because he’s white. So when I did the same exact thing to a white person that entered my building does that make me hateful. I hope not I was just concerned.

  6. Ted Gravely on said:

    Why is Junior crying? He knows his dad is the devil and he is his seed. This little crybaby in a few years will be another Don, Jr. – an idiot with privilege trying to get his devil daddy’s affection. Please.

  7. S.D. on said:

    How sad…..his hate and bigotry is more important to him than the emotional state of his child. He is the epitome of all that is evil.

  8. stephanie on said:

    Such hate, that racist maggot did all that in front of his son, then have the nerve to complain about profanity usage in front of his son. The son the mature adult here.

    • Sweetpea J. on said:

      No need to use profanity. That may be ok when and where you were brought up but let’s use the higher road here.

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