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Michael Bearden is an amazingly talented music director who has worked with over 400 artists. He was the music director for Michael Jackson’s final tour, This Is It.

Bearden “can’t believe it’s been 10 years,” and remembers exactly where he was when he got the news. He was at the Staples Center preparing for rehearsal and getting ready to go to London to start rehearsals there too.

He says he didn’t see any signs that something might be wrong in the weeks before his death. “Some days he wouldn’t show up, some days he wouldn’t want to do things,” he explained but he just chocked that up to him being a celebrity. The last rehearsal he was “really great” and he looked back at him from the stage as if to say, “yea I’m Michael Jackson I got this.”

Bearden recalls his last memory of the King of Pop. MJ went to rehearsal with three cars and were blocking Bearden’s car in. It was late and Bearden remembers being tired but, before they left that night they discussed the schedule for the next days rehearsal. As they left, MJ said, “god bless you I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow,” and that’s the last thing Michael said to him.

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