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1. The “Billie Jean” music video was one of the first songs by a Black artist to be regularly featured on MTV.

2. Michael Jackson is the most awarded artist of all time with 40 Billboard awards, 13 Grammys, 26 AMAs and numerous other awards.

Source:Solarpix / PR Photos

3. Michael loved “The Three Stooges”!

Source:Wild1 / Photorazzi via PR Photos

4. Michael was a HUGE Marvel fan! He even had dreams to portray Spiderman according to various reports.

Source:Photorazzi via PR Photos

5. Forbes named MJ as one of the highest earned dead celebrities.

Source:Wild1 / Photorazzi via Pr Photos

6. It is rumored that the costumes from “Thriller” came from the Salvation Army.

7. Just like us: MJ loved Mexican food!

Source:Arlene Richie / Photorazzi via PR Photos

8. Legendary director Martin Scorsese directed the “Bad” video.

9. Princess Diana and Michael Jackson met on July 16, 1988.

Source:Landmark / PR Photos

10. Michael and Janet Jackson’s scream video cost over $7 million to make!