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Everyday when news breaks of something Donald Trump has done or said, we all go “what now?!” Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with journalist and author Joy Reid who has a new book out called, The Man Who Sold America.

Joy explaines that with the amount of scandals that come out of the White House, she “almost didn’t know when to stop” writing.  “Everyday he does something else that’s terrible,” she says.

The name of the book is The Man Who Sold America because “he sold America on a big lie,” she says. Adding that “he wasn’t anything that he claimed to be.” He’s a “mask on the face of what the Republican party is,” he hooks up the super wealthy.  That’s why he’s been able to stay in power; he’s doing exactly what the Republicans want.

After he leaves office she believes “it’s going to be very difficult to reset the country to where it was when President Obama left.”

Her book is out now and available, “everywhere that you love to buy books,” she says.