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An outdoor recreation center in North Carolina is facing criticism after it put in place a ban on dreadlocks and weaves.

People on social media have called the center out and called the rules racist and discriminatory.

A Facebook user posted a photograph of the pool rules for the Outdoor Recreation Center in Wendell on Sunday. One rule says “no baggy pants, no dread-locks/weaves/extensions or revealing clothes will be permitted or you will be asked to leave.”

Some people on Facebook spoke out against the rule.

“Is this really allowed in Wendell!!!” Nikki Nechole Harris wrote on the Wendell NC Community Connections Facebook group.

“Definitely racial discrimination! Never will see me there!!” another user wrote.

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Journal Now reports, the Recreation Center said hair extensions are banned because they can get into pumping equipment, causing an “automatic shutdown of 3 days or more.”

The business says on its Facebook page that people must pay a membership fee to visit the pool.

The pool is run “with no help from the government, city or state for the past 6 years,” according to the now-deleted Facebook post.

Other social media users posted screenshots appearing to show a separate apology from the Outdoor Recreation Center.

“Due to ignorance of the meaning of the word dread-locks, ORC rules should have stated NO artificial hair,” information on the posts said.

Some people defended the recreation center and its rules.

“If you don’t like the rules then don’t go! This is a private business and it’s within their rights to make the rules,” Ann Honeycutt wrote on Facebook. “Unless you own a business of this type you can’t know what problems they have had that prompted the owners to make these rules.”

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24 thoughts on “North Carolina Pool Bans Dreadlocks, Weaves & Baggy Pants

  1. This rule could ALSO apply to SNOWFLAKES.
    They ALSO wear dreads/baggy pants, hair weaves—-LOL
    So, I don’t know who the f–k is gonna be in that pool!!!!!!!!!!

    Screw them, WE can have OUR OWN damn pools and make OUR own RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Annie B on said:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this against one’s constitutional rights which is implemented in work places and other places of business? If so, this maybe in consideration for a Lawsuit.

    • African American Woman on said:

      You’re wrong…it’s a privately owned pool; they make the rules and they aren’t discriminating on the basis of race and if some of us are offended by the ban on fake hair, inappropriate attire and sagging pants that means you have serious issues if you attribute these negativity to the black race and seriously believe that all black people condone that trash. Many of us don’t and would be just fine not being around that crap.

      • Mister Ivery on said:

        So that also mean white women who wear weaves. Of course in the white world they call them hair intentions

      • African American Woman on said:

        Do you not understand ANYONE who wears fake hair should be banned. No one mentioned race. Since hit dogs always holler, you are attributing these negative traits to black people. Some people are always looking for opportunities to be victims, they don’t pay attention to anything else.

      • Twila Brown on said:

        So dreadlocks and weave equals negativity to you? As an African American (so you claim) not being admitted to anywhere public or private due to hair should make you feel upset at the rule maker not the rule breaker…..

      • African American Woman on said:

        Whatever happened to reading comprehension folks??? Let me try again. Black people are getting upset about this and that means that the ones who are upset are the ones doing this. Did you not understand ANYONE who wears fake hair should be banned??? And the fact that inappropriate attire and sagging pants had to be addressed should be embarrassing. Sad to say, people are upset about basic decency-that’s the real tragedy. I couldn’t care less because I don’t wear horse hair and wouldn’t be caught dead with my stuff hanging out. This is a PRIVATE pool; they can make any rules they want. If I owned a pool and nasty weave hair was clogging the drains and costing me money, I’d banned that mess too…Again, hit dogs always holler.

  3. HELL I DON’T BLAME THEM !! you ware that shit for 6 to 8 months with out washing it, which by them is exactly what it now smells like, damn jump in the pool and the water turns brown practice better hygiene then yo ass can go somewhere

  4. americanize on said:

    These rules simply mean,no ni**ers allowed.Black folks just don’t go there fu*k them and there pool.If you go they will call the race soldiers and you could be killed.

  5. Ted Gravely on said:

    1. If it is a private business and you have to pay money – Don’t go! 2. However, if this was established with public funds (meaning taxpayers), uh might be a lawsuit. 3. Apply this to white women and their weaves, filthy hair color, and stinking body odor. There is nothing funkier than a white hairy human animal. Why do we insist on something like swimming with skunks?

  6. COOKIE on said:

    Why do black people insist on going to places where they are not wanted, and then have the nerve to be appalled when they don’t want your asses around. Stay out of white folks faces..damn

  7. African American Woman on said:

    Yep ban that nasty ass weave…why the hell would you go to a pool with a mop on your head anyway? And if the fake hair is clogging things up, what’s the problem, don’t swim with that nasty shit on your head and that goes for anyone wearing horse hair. As or the revealing clothes and your pants hanging down being banned; folks should be embarrassed that this should have to be an issue for anyone. Be outraged about things that matter like the many, many black men who needlessly die at the hands of other black men.

    • You know aint no black woman wearing no weave inside the pool. These are “rules” to keep black folks out. And why locs, or as people love to say “dread locs”?

      • African American Woman on said:

        First off, this is a private pool. Secondly, where have you been if you don’t think women swim with weave…there are YouTube channels dedicated to the type of glue is best to keep your wig on in water and what kind of weave hair is best underwater

      • Butter Pecan on said:

        Jess you know damm well the majority of black women won’t leave the house without some Europeans hair plastered to their scalp. Swim? No. Ain’t never seen a black woman swim laps. Hang out in the pool with their nasty azz cooch hanging out? Oh hell to the yes. Pretty obvious you are the owner of several gacky weaves, so step off. You are the exact person most of us don’t want to be around. You bring the whole race down. Now get to steppin

      • I see butter peanut is all over this one. It’s better than an orgasm, uh butter? People who are saying just fuk them, that’s exactly what they want. I say show up in droves. Who needs to be fuk is butter.

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