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Lil Kim is facing more legal drama, as she’s being sued by a New Jersey doctor who claims she owes him $15,000 for services he provided. He’s also accusing her of being connected to an insurance scam.

The pint-sized rapper previously revealed that she was millions of dollars in debt, and she attempted to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy but was denied by the courts, according to XXL.

“Based upon Ms. Jones’s own schedules, she is clearly ineligible to be a Chapter 13 Debtor under 11 USC 109(e) with secured and unsecured debt each exceeding $2 million,” court documents read. “Since Ms. Jones is not eligible to be a Chapter 13 Debtor, she should not be afforded the benefit of the Court’s Loss Mitigation Program in connection with this Chapter 13 Case.”

As noted by ILOSM, Kim was successful in stopping one of her creditors from foreclosing on her New Jersey mansion last August. Now she’s facing a new legal battle over an undisclosed medical procedure she allegedelly hasn’t paid for.

New Jersey based urologist Dr. Gregory Lovallo claims Kim owes him $15,000 for the specialized treatment he provided for her. He’s also suing the Brooklyn native for breach of contract and his legal fees, according to Bossip.

Lovallo does not detail his suspicions about Kim’s alleged involvement with an insurance scheme, but claims she “unjustly enriched” as a result, court papers state.

“Based upon information and belief, defendant improperly converted insurance proceeds to his/her own personal use,” Dr. Lovallo’s complaint, which was obtained by BOSSIP, states. “Based upon information and belief, defendant was unjustly enriched.”

Kim has not yet responded to Lovallo’s lawsuit and if she doesn’t do so by the end of this month, a judge could rule her in default over the case.

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