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NEW YORK (AP) — Former “Central Park Five” prosecutor Linda Fairstein is condemning how she’s portrayed in the Netflix series “When They See Us,” writing that the program is “full of distortions and falsehoods.”

Directed by Ava DuVernay, the film tells of the wrongful conviction of five young black and Latino men for the 1989 assault on a female jogger in Central Park. Fairstein, who headed Manhattan’s sex crimes unit at the time, has long been criticized for her role in the suspects’ interrogation. Fallout from the Netflix show led to her being dropped by her book publisher, Dutton.

In an op-ed Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal, Fairstein said the film’s falsehoods included saying the suspects were held without food and attributing racist remarks to her that she never said.

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6 thoughts on “Linda Fairstein Condemns Netflix Series On Central Park Five

  1. Susie on said:

    She didn’t have a problem sending innocent children to jail. She just has a problem that everyone now knows she is a racist. She should be in jail and everyone else that let that happen.

  2. Fairstein is full of shit.
    The only reason she is condemning the documentary about the Central Park Five is because it represents the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We all know how good THEY ARE about “WHITEWASHING” history!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Butter Pecan on said:

      Yeah, Hollywood represents the truth. It must suck waking up everyday and realizing you’re still you. Now get to steppin for you get some Sandra Bland love

  3. Leslie Griffith on said:

    Oh NOW you want to be part of the narrative. Girl Bye! You just didn’t expect it to have this momentum. Have several seats

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