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Ava DuVernay’s Netflix series about the Central Park 5, When They See Us has scared and started a conversation among parents about how to keep the same from happening to their children. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with parenting expert and author Denene Millner who believes the series can be the start of an important conversation.

This particular incident took place years ago but even years later, “injustice continues” Millner explains.

She says that this story shows that “all kinds of mistakes can happen” when parents don’t go into the room with their children, leave the room while police are questioning their kids, or don’t request a lawyer. A rule of thumb she wants everyone to remember is, “never ever ever show up anywhere without a lawyer.”

She’s a mother of boys and says she tells her kids as well as others, “if a cop stops you keep your mouth shut don’t talk back and keep your hands where they can see them.” Adding, “let them take you to the station, it’s okay,” because in theory, “you’re safer there than in the street.”

This series shows just, “how easy it is to give your rights away” she says. She suggests families watch it together and  discuss it.

Millner is dedicated to telling stories that emphasize the humanity of Black kids, you can find her online at and on social media @MyBrownBaby.