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If you saw Beyonce’s Coachella performance or the documentary Homecoming you’ve definitely seen Venzella Joy. She’s the captivating and talented drummer that opened the performance. She became interested in playing drums at a young age and attributes it to her being a “pew baby.” The church she went to was very “charismatic,” and the music was always lively.

She began playing the drums at the age of 10 and would, “practice all hours of the day.” Initially she would practice in the basement but when she felt like she sounded good she moved up to her bedroom.

In 2009 she and a friend auditioned for Diddy’s band, and though they didn’t make it they kept working and networking. A few years after that her friend ended up being hired as Beyonce’s music director. When he needed a new drummer, he reached out to her and she obviously landed the gig. She’s been Beyonce’s drummer for over 5 years now.

She’s currently working on her own music and has been getting opportunities to perform it.