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Meet Tamekia Swint… a Chicago-based stylist who is helping families who transracially adopt or foster Black children with hair education and services.

Swint’s company Styles 4 Kidz provides high-quality hair-care services for African and Black American kids in foster care and transracial adoptive families. Swint started this non-profit salon to help educate parents who don’t have any experience with natural hair.

In a now-viral video, she explains that she saw a need in her community for this type of service.

“They’re not familiar with the [black] hair,” Swint says. “I saw that this might be something where I can empower them.”

After starting her company in 2010 with three clients, Styles 4 Kidz reportedly has served more than 500 families throughout the U.S.

“When I see white parents/grandparents with black or bi-racial kids with hair “issues” I always try to approach them and give them some advice/help. Some don’t appreciate it, most do. If all else fails, I give them my BFF’s Hair Salon info. Helping her and them in one stroke,” wrote one Twitter user.

It’s not just adoptive parents of Black kids who are struggling to style natural hair, parents of biracial children need a few tips as well.

According to Pop SugarKim Kardashian previously confessed that she’s been “practicing a lot” to learn how to style her daughter North’s hair, but admits her “braiding skills are a disaster.”

“North is so proud of her curly hair,” she explained, “but she’s very opinionated on how she wants to wear her hair. And as a mom, you don’t want to have to tell her, ‘I don’t know how to do your hair.’”

Kim enlisted the help of celebrity stylist Kim Kimble who coached the reality star on the art of braiding.


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