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We live in a time where we are surrounded by information. We receive and share information quicker than ever before; but some don’t feel like we’re using this power properly. Stedman Graham released a book called, Identity Leadership to help us all become the best versions of ourselves.

Graham has now written 12 books in total. “I do a book when I feel like doing it,” he explained, “and when there’s a need in the market.” He believes now was the perfect time for this particular book because it teaches a “process for success which we don’t get in school.” The book is a 9 step process to find and define yourself. “We’re taught to be workers not thinkers,” he explains, and this book helps us to become thinkers.

The first step explained in the book is finding your purpose; then you have to begin to organize everything around what you love.

Understanding the value of information and knowledge and learning to apply it to what he loves changed his life; now he’s helping us change ours.