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Like most young women comedian Dulce’ Sloan is waiting for her Prince Charming. She tells the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew she wants her future husband to be, “saved sanctified and filled with the holy ghost.”

She says her issue is that being on TV, men can be a little intimidated by her. But, she wants them to know that she’s a “delicate flower” who just happens to be on TV. A lot of the men that reach out to her online “have absolutely no business speaking” to her. Most of hem “remember integration,” that’s unacceptable.

Also unacceptable, the fact that she’s lived in the “Yankee hell hole that is NYC” for almost two years. She loves working on The Daily Show but really can’t stand New York City. She’s made it her “ministry” to help everyone understand that, “New York hates you,” and  “God doesn’t live” in NYC.

Thankfully, she got a break from New York this weekend! She’s in Dallas performing at the Arlington Improv.