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BAYTOWN, Texas (AP) — A police officer shot and killed a woman at a Houston-area apartment complex after she hit him with his Taser during a struggle, shocking him, police said.

In a video recorded by a witness and posted on social media, the officer can be seen standing over Pamela Turner and reaching down to try to grab her arms. Turner, who is lying on the ground outside the apartments in Baytown, yells “I’m pregnant.” Moments later, something flashes as she reaches her arm out toward the officer. Suddenly, the officer pulls away from Turner, steps back and fires five gunshots.

Police Lt. Steve Dorris said Tuesday that the officer shot at Turner after she hit him in the groin with the Taser. Turner did not fire the stun gun but it shocked the officer when it struck him, Dorris said.

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The lieutenant said police have since learned from the medical examiner’s office in Harris County that Turner, who was 44 and black, was not pregnant. She was pronounced dead at the scene, he said. A spokeswoman with the medical examiner’s office declined to comment.

The officer, who police have not identified by name, has been placed on paid administrative leave, Dorris said. The department is reviewing whether the shooting was in line with its policy on the use of deadly force, he said.

Before the shooting, the officer, who is Hispanic and an 11-year veteran of the police force, was patrolling the apartment complex and tried to arrest Turner because he knew she had outstanding warrants, Dorris said. The two had previous dealings, but Dorris did not provide further details about the interactions or Turner’s warrants.


Turner had three outstanding misdemeanor warrants for two separate incidents, according to Harris County court records. She was accused of criminal mischief and assault on April 25 after a manager at her apartment complex told police that Turner scratched her face and broke her glasses during a confrontation over an eviction notice.

On May 2, court records show, Turner was again accused of criminal mischief for damaging the back window of a woman’s car.

Following her May 2 arrest, Turner was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, according to court records.

The video of what happened Monday night shows the officer and Turner engaged in a struggle after he tried to arrest her. In the video, Turner is heard saying “You’re actually harassing me” and “I’m actually walking to my house” before falling to the ground. While on her back, she appears to scuffle with the officer, saying “Why? Why?” and then “I’m pregnant.”

Investigators are trying to contact whoever recorded the video, because the person was a witness to the shooting, the lieutenant said.

“It’s a tragic event for everybody involved,” Dorris said. “Of course, our hearts go out to the family of the deceased as well as our officer.”


On Tuesday afternoon, Turner’s neighbors gathered not far from an orange ring painted on the apartment complex parking lot to mark where she was shot. Standing amid the modest brick and aluminum homes, one of Turner’s neighbors said the incident frightened her.

“It’s just sad — very sad — when you see somebody for the past six months walking around,” Jennifer Sims said. “Even though you don’t talk to them, you keep an eye on them, you know. And then you wake up and realize, ‘Oh, my God. She was shot so close to home.’ That’s scary, and very sad.”

Baytown, a city of more than 75,000 people, is about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of Houston. Its population is 35 percent white, 46 percent Hispanic and 16 percent black, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Outside the city’s police station Tuesday, about a dozen protesters gathered carrying signs with “No Justice. No Peace” and “Black Lives Matter” written on them.

“This is another black woman who has lost her life,” said Ashton P. Woods, an activist with Black Lives Matter Houston. “Another black person who has lost their life, for senseless violence. Five shots. Unarmed.”

Kevin Davis, a police detective and the author of a book on investigating police use of force, said it is impossible to make a proper assessment of Turner’s shooting based only on the video and facts released so far.

Davis, who is not connected to the case, said the smartphone videos that have become common in police shootings can lead people to rush to judgment. “We owe it to everyone involved, including the decedent, to do a professional investigation,” he said.

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10 thoughts on “Texas Officer Shoots And Kills Woman After Stun-Gun Struggle

  1. Butter Pecan on said:

    Every ounce of femininity has been bred out of black women. Ain’t no wonder why black men prefer European women

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    But the question still remains did the officer follow proper protocol before trying to arrest or apprehend the victim? Sounds like he just rolled up on her with no explanation and tried to handcuff her without backup. She screamed that she was being harrassed. If he broke the rules this is clearly his fault regardless of what happened.

  3. Damn PIG could have shot her in the arm or leg–THERE WAS NO NEED TO KILL her.
    Yes, she reached for his taser and tased his ass-SHE STILL DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE.

    It is OPEN SEASON on FOLKS of COLOR in AMERYKAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jhuf on said:

    Once again we have an incident of a racist ass cop who simply refuses to accept that anti-social, immorality, lack of family values and criminal behavior is ingrained in the DNA of these black hood hoe’s and thugs and just leave them alone to further destroy the sh!thole communities in which they terrorize

  5. Butter Pecan on said:

    Thank you for writing this blog. It’s really important that individuals grow to understand the criminal history and violence of this black woman and that she alone is responsible for her death

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