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As previously reportedKanye West has been sued by a Japanese fabric company; claiming the rapper stiffed them for hundreds of thousands of dollars over his Yeezy sneakers.

Japanese knitted fabric supplier Toki Sen-I Co. alleges Ye’s company ordered more than $600,000 in the manufacturing of fleece fabric for Yeezys and the hip-hop star never paid up.

They claim West event tried to deceive them by creating a fake company so he could avoid paying what he owes.

Toki Sen-I Co. has filed the lawsuit against West personally, as well as Yeezy Apparel, LLC.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the company is responding to Kanye and Yeezy’s attempt to dismiss their lawsuit.

West claims he’s innocent in the matter and insists the company never delivered the materials, which is why they didn’t get paid. He’s now asking a judge to toss the case. But Toki Sen-I Co. is firing back, saying Kanye used his celebrity status to commit fraud and deceive (as he has allegedly done to other manufactures in the past) them into producing over $600,000 worth of fabric, only to not pay for it.

Toki says, “Even more worrisome, Defendants might use its celebrity status to deceive other fabric manufacturers in the future.”

They want the case to move forward, plus punitive damages to “punish the wealthy Defendants for their fraudulent and malicious behavior and to set an example to deter the Defendants and similar celebrity brands from using their status to defraud hardworking, innocent, and unexpecting vendors such as the Plaintiff.”

Via TMZ:

According to the lawsuit, Toki Sen-I Co. claims it struck a deal last June with Ye and Yeezy

Apparel in which Toki would manufacture fleece fabric for Yeezys. The company claims it has done business with Kanye in the past and always got paid … until now.

Toki says it manufactured the fleece but they received an email from Yeezy Apparel stating they didn’t intend to go through with the deal.

Toki says it tried settling with Ye and Co., to no avail; and because the fabric is specific to the Yeezy brand, they were unable to sell it to other buyers.

The company wants $624k plus storage fees.

The case is ongoing.

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