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Kanye West is obviously a man of many talents! He’s a musician, fashion icon, and can be a political commentator when he feels like it. But, now Ye will be adding a TV series to his resume.
‘Omniverse’ will be Kanye’s very first television series, and it might be a very strange one, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The Showtime series will star Jaden Smith, who will play a young Ye in an alternate reality.

Producers describe the series as a half-hour anthology series “examining the many doors of perception.” The first season will explore the perception of ‘ego’ through the alternate reality of young Ye, giving insight to Ye’s thoughts, feelings, and viewpoint as a child growing up in Chicago.
Kanye is executive producing the show alongside Scooter Braun, Lee Sung Jin, Scott Manson and Miguel Mendez.
Jaden is not new to the big screen, we’ve seen him in movies from ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’ to ‘The Karate Kid’, and he has also played roles in various animated series’.
Both Kanye and Jaden are known for being out of the box thinkers and apologetically themselves. This show should be interesting!