Wendy Williams appears to be embracing her new-found freedom from Kevin Hunter to the point where she’s making moves to get him out of her system, professionally and personally.

A report from TMZ says she’s fixed things so Hunter doesn’t have access to any of her funds and she has hired a money team to make sure all is well there. Apparently they advised her to separate their funds and created a new accounts, something she began doing prior to her filing for divorce.

Here’s more from TMZ:

Wendy’s officially locked down her own place in Manhattan, as well. Our sources say she signed the lease on her new home a few weeks ago and has already paid rent for the next year.

She and Kevin previously lived together at their home in New Jersey. That’s where that weird story went down in January … when, as we told you, cops conducted a welfare check on Wendy.

As for business matters — we’re told Wendy waffled over whether to keep a professional relationship with Hunter, but ultimately decided to cut all ties. She’s currently looking for a new manager.

Sources connected to Kevin tell us he hasn’t received any money from the show following his departure. Not yet.

We’re told he’s known as a pretty savvy business guy, so show execs fully expect he’ll insist on some kind of exit package.

As we reported … Wendy talked about her new life on her show, shortly after her divorce filing. Obviously, her ex, Kevin, is not part of her plans.

PHOTO: Wendy Williams Show


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