Black women are almost twice as likely to struggle with infertility than other women. For most it can be difficult to open up about their struggles, but women like Michelle Obama and actress Angela Robinson have found the courage to speak share their stories.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Angela Robinson about her journey to motherhood. Robinson and her husband tried to get pregnant for 20 years before becoming parents. They tried to conceive naturally, they tried IVF six times and decided that adoption would be best for their family.

She says IVF was hard in itself but trying it publicly makes it harder because, “when it doesn’t work you have that many more people looking at you like awwww.” IVF is expensive and she feels like that may be why Black families don’t try it as often as others, and the same goes for adoption.

She and her husband adopted a baby boy last year and love him to pieces. But she advises, “you have to choose adoption it can’t be a consolation prize.”

To anyone who is struggling with infertility issues, “you will become a parent you just have to stay the course,” she says. “Do not accept no as an answer,” and do not give up.