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The family of a 20-year-old California rapper who was fatally shot by police in a Taco Bell drive-thru said an officer’s bodycam footage shows the victim was not awake when the trigger happy cops opened fire.

Matter fact, Willie McCoy appeared to be scratching himself, not grabbing for a weapon, as law officials alleged.

“What we saw was a sleeping man,” David Harrison, a cousin of McCoy said. “He reaches with his right arm to his left shoulder, scratching. He wasn’t awake. There wasn’t enough time for him to wake up.”

As previously reported, police in the Bay Area city of Vallejo said the incident went down when employees at the Taco Bell called 911 about a driver slumped over in a car at the drive-thru. When two patrol officers arrived on the scene, they claim they noticed a handgun in McCoy’s lap and called for backup.

Once backup arrived, six officers reportedly wasted little time in firing “multiple rounds” at McCoy, in the span of four seconds. It’s unclear how many bullets struck him, but his family said at least 20 may have hit his car, according to

“It seems like an execution,” Harrison said. “It looks like my baby cousin was executed by a firing squad.”

In the video, he said officers told McCoy to show them his hands and then quickly shot him, adding that the officers never identify themselves as police.

“It was like almost instantaneous,” Harrison added. “I can’t tell you how many seconds, but if I was to estimate, from what I’ve seen, maybe from a couple of seconds.”

The family’s description of events after viewing the bodycam footage differs from the police’s official statement.

Police said as McCoy “quickly moved his hands downward” toward his gun, so six officers “fearing for their safety” shot him in four seconds. There is no mention whether the victim fired his weapon, and none of the officers were injured.

Attorneys for his family said he was hit about in the face, throat and upper body.

All six of the officers remain on duty.

Harrison said he also heard on the footage one officer say to another of McCoy that “if he moves,” then gestured that he knows “what to do.

“They have said he reached for a gun,” Harrison added. “We never saw that.”

Police have not released the bodycam footage publicly, citing the ongoing investigation.

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8 thoughts on “Police Bodycam Shows California Rapper Wasn’t Awake When Police ‘Executed’ Him

    • Apparently under the influence while driving, guess the “rappin business wasn’t paying too well
      late-night dining at TB probably criminal record while carrying a gun

    • Your response is pathetic. Having a gun isn’t a crime unless it’s illegal. There was no mention they found a weapon just the lying officers report and sleeping in your car is definitely not a crime and neither is aspiring to be a rapper. Key word was aspiring it didn’t say he was and since when does not having money equate to not eating fast food. Trump eats fast food all the time. Apparently he doesn’t know what else to eat.

      • Phoenix Rising on said:

        Isn’t that the truth. Had it been a white person, they would have woke his @ss up, talked to him about his gun, laughed a little, then walked him into TB and paid for his meal. White mass murderers get a discussion and a meal while a black person gets a clip unloaded into his body. Ted is right. Blue racist all the way!

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