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Channel 2 Action News reports that investigators in Georgia are preparing to interview a Cobb County day care worker who is accused of forcing children to unclog a toilet with their bare hands.

Channel 2  received an email from someone complaining about a male teacher, writing in part:

“He was tired of the boys getting urine on the seat and clogging the toilet so he made all of the boys (ages 4+) go in the restroom and unclog the toilet with their bare hands.

“The appropriate administration was notified immediately and the teacher was not even reprimanded.”

Parents told the station that despite the allegations, the accused teacher is still an employee.

“As a parent, I would be completely outraged,” said Michelle Davis after learning about the troubling allegations against the teacher. “That’s just disgusting for a child to have to do that.”

The station attempted to speak with the day care, but a woman who identified herself as the assistant director declined to comment.

The day care sent a statement late Friday night:

We take our responsibility as a caregiver very seriously. We have comprehensive policies and procedures to ensure we meet or exceed state guidelines of care.  Our teachers are trained in positive behavior guidance and redirection for children. We will conduct a thorough review, as we would with any concern brought to our attention. This account of what occurred isn’t in keeping with our current understanding of the situation. We’ll take any appropriate action once we’ve concluded the review, based upon the findings.

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