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A Georgia teen is currently living the life after her viral tweet of multiple college acceptances has gone viral. Kayla Willis, a high school senior from Fairburn, Georgia, now has the selection of 31 schools, and is waiting for possible others after sending out applications to 50 schools.

yale university graduation

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Via Madamenoire:

“I kinda don’t want to post this, but someone said ‘the whole world needs to know how great you are’ so here we go twitter!” Willis, a student at Westlake High School, posted on February 24. The photo shows a multitude of college placards under a photo of her senior yearbook photo. Since then, her  tweet has generated a lot of conversation surrounding Willis and her accomplishments.

But the glory didn’t come without hard labor. Willis told WXIA-TV that she scored 1,160 and maintained a 3.95 grade-point average.

“My goal was to have options,” she told Fox 5, “I didn’t want to limit myself. I also asked the question, how can I go to school for free?”

“I’m here to encourage. If you are proactive and persevere, you can achieve any goal,” she told Fox 5. In an interview WXIA-TV she said, “I really wanted people to see what they could do because a lot of people doubt themselves.”

Willis continued, revealing she’s received about $900,000 in offer money! Not bad for someone who spent no money on application fees, and only paid for postage. But Willis did have to contend with some online trolling.

“Also I did not spend a dime on anything! My application fees were waived, no transcript or SAT fees!” she wrote on Twitter.

Even Willis’ principal Jamar Roberson spoke on Willis’ influence over other students. “It’s just been contagious and I’ve had so many students come up to me and say, ‘Hey, here’s my acceptances, I want to put them on the wall’, ” he said.



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5 thoughts on “Georgia Teen Accepted To 31 Colleges And Scores Almost $1M In Scholarships

  1. kmann on said:

    Truth is this I looked the school up and the school is 100%minority/99% Black.The principal is black.My sister’s son goes to the school and she is ranked number 2 in her class.The most important thing is to congratulate her for working hard and doing well.And always seek out information for yourself.Their are sick racist individuals on this site whose only motive is hatred and to disparage black people.

    • Susie on said:

      Sadly on most of the sites you will find them hating on black people. You would think they hate us so much they wouldn’t visit black websites.

  2. Butter Pecan on said:

    Truth is, she graduated 12th in her class, behind several Asians and a host of white students. Black privledge?

    • macdaddy on said:

      and white’s aren’t?and how would you know that unless you did some serious digging around..get a job and stay off of black people websites hating on us.

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