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A Black Colorado man was cleaning his yard when he was confronted by police who saw his behavior as suspicious.

According to the Daily Camera, on Friday, a Boulder police officer saw the man sitting on a patio in an area that had a “private property” sign. The police officer then asked the man if he had a right to be there.

The man told the officer that he lived and worked in the building and provided the officer with his school ID card, but the officer still called for back up.

The officer claimed that the man who had already given the officer his name and his identification wasn’t being compliant when he was asked to drop his trash grabber and his bucket.

“I live here,” the man can be heard saying in the a video of the incident which was posted to social media. “I am picking up garbage from my (expletive) porch.”

An officer can be heard asking the man to “put the object down,” while the man replies “don’t (expletive) tell me what to do,” and says, “I have a right to be doing this,” The Daily Camera reports.

A person can be heard saying that eight cops eventually showed up some of the officers had their guns drawn.

Police spokeswoman Shannon Aulabaugh told the Daily Camera that they weren’t providing additional details but they did announce Monday that police are “launching an internal affairs investigation into the call and the response, which is expected to take 60 to 90 days.”

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25 thoughts on “Colorado Cops Draw Guns On Man Cleaning His Yard

  1. Beatrice L Brown on said:

    Its hatred for the depth of their soul ! In this age when will they ever be able to get over it .What do you have to look like to belong anywhere while Black? This kind of evil needs to be exposed such a waste of resources and you tell me none of the other cops could or would have better control of this situation.Its even sadder that it was more than 1 policeman involved.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    The person responding to Ted’s post is the same racist dumb ass who post under several different names it’s butter pecan.

  3. Joe Blow on said:

    “which is expected to take 60 to 90 days.”

    They’ll use this time hoping this will go away. No way something like this takes 60-90 days to investigate.

    For those not able to comprehend….I believe Ted Gravely, was definitely posting sarcasm there!!

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    An officer can be heard asking the man to “put the object down,”
    You can clearly see the set up hear. The thug with a badge is doing his damndest to escalate this situation so he can kill this black man.

  5. S.D. on said:

    Christianforreal…….they fear people of color when the greater number of police officers and sheriff deputies are killed by white males…….go figure!! These situations just glaringly substantiates that this is all about racial profiling, bigotry, racism and evil hate. What a way to absolutely waste energy.

  6. Christianforreal on said:

    These are police officers just looking for something to do. Maybe the thought is to have some fun and they are HOPING that the black man/woman that they pull up or over will not comply, and will be in a place that they have no business, so they will have an excuse to harass. I just find it difficult to believe that police officers are seriously wasting time, money and resources to bother with a man gardening, or cleaning his back yard. I mean, come on, you see a man in the yard with a broom or a rake or any cleaning tool, give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s cleaning that yard. Now if he has on a suit with that rake, that might be suspicious. Now they want us to believe that this isn’t about profiling and harassment. Does every jurisdiction in American have time to stop every man and woman, regardless of race and color to ask for ID and an explanation of the purpose of the current position? HELL no. Does every jurisdiction in America have the time, money, and resources to continually follow up these silly-ass calls walking, talking, sleeping , shopping, selling water, grilling, driving, babysitting and EVERY other thing, while Black, thing that we do. Actually it’s getting so that the nosy white neighbor doesn’t even have to call any longer. If you’re in sight of a police officer, prepare to be stopped if you are Black and possibly other non-white ethnicities. Worse now than during Jim Crow!!

  7. Dalphyne Clack on said:

    You know what, this has to stop, we need to stop spending our Dollars in all the wrong places and you know what I mean. As Malcolm X stated, Hit in the pocket; they do not respect us or our Dollar. We need to shop and spend our money elsewhere to bring these folks and this behavior to their knees.

  8. william merriweather on said:

    This unfair treatment of Black men has to stop. What is America coming to when it comes to people of color.

  9. I’m reading the book, White Rage, by Carol Anderson. It’s about how – regardless of federal and state laws or how compliant a black man is – some white people are mad as hell because people of color are no longer subservient to them. And ohhh, don’t make more money than them or live where they can’t live or own what they can’t afford. They hate that shit! These are those kind of white people.It’s a chronology of systematic racism since Reconstruction. We know it exists. But to read a compilation about it and have video proof of it time and time again in recent times – it proves what we already know. And it shows white people what we have been dealing with for hundreds of years!

    • Ted Gravely on said:

      Steffanie, excellent take. Definitely a must read. Another must read is almost anything by Dr Claude Anderson. Especially; black labor, white wealth. It’s truly a powerful summation of where we are today with “solutions.” I can’t entertain those idiots below. They never heard of satire – you would have thought when I ended with, “Yeah right. Says no one but racists and coons.” They would have got it. Some do, some don’t. Anyway, your reading recommendation is spot on.

      • There he is BIG BAD TED GRAVELY LMAO. TELL us clown how does 13 percent of the US population commit over 65 percent of violent crime. What black supremacist organization are you a part of? NATION OF ISLAM BLACK ISREALITES you self loathing racist POS!

  10. Ted Gravely on said:

    There must be more to it. I mean these blue racists are the pillar of our society. No-way they were profiling. Why didn’t that man just yessir, bow his head, lower his eyes and comply? Why didn’t he submit to idiocy and cooning? It’s so disappointing that we just can’t “obey.” Yeah right. Says no one but racists and coons.

    • xmegatron on said:

      Why don’t you submit to asswhopping since punks like you wanna talk shit and obay to having your skull cracked open 😆

    • Karen on said:

      Why the hell does w have to be something else the guy showed his credentials and that should be enough…I’m so damn sick and tired of privileged white folks who feel we still have to bow to them!!! Bet you wouldn’t want to be black for a day

      • xmegatron on said:

        Don’t worry I have your back. By the way I hear there’s a big hairy creature roaming around in the woods we must hide and shut our blinds😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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