DC Metro Transit Police reportedly  opened an internal investigation into an officer’s use of force during an arrest at the U Street Metro station. A video of the incident has sparked outrage on social media, as it shows a Metro Transit Police officer using a taser on an unarmed Black man who allegedly interfered in […]

An extensive report by a former police officer has absolved California police officers of any wrongdoing in a police shooting, concluding that it was reasonable for multiple officers to open fire on a man as he slept in his car. As previously reported, on Feb. 9, a Vallejo, Calif., Taco Bell employee called 911 and […]

A Black Colorado man was cleaning his yard when he was confronted by police who saw his behavior as suspicious. According to the Daily Camera, on Friday, a Boulder police officer saw the man sitting on a patio in an area that had a “private property” sign. The police officer then asked the man if he […]


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Two Sacramento police officers who killed an unarmed black man last year said hours after the shooting that they thought Stephon Clark had a gun because they saw a flash of light in his hands. One officer said he believed the 22-year-old suspect had already fired at him when he shot […]


GREENSBORO, Md. (AP) — Inside the home Anton Black shared with his mother, a collage of photographs pays homage to a gifted athlete and aspiring model on the verge of becoming a father. The makeshift shrine is adorned with track-and-field medals Black proudly wore in one photo. This is how Black’s mother wants to remember […]

Travis Jordan, 36, had been living with his friend and co-worker Paul Johnson and his wife in the couple’s Minneapolis home. On Friday, Johnson became concerned about Jordan’s well being and called police to do a wellness check. Jordan had been “having a lot of suicidal thoughts because, um, depression, anxiety, but he’s not taking […]

A criminal justice expert says Avoyelles Parish law officers who wrestled a Marksville man off a tractor while serving an arrest warrant last year used too much force, needlessly escalating a confrontation that ended with the man’s death. A second expert said he doesn’t agree the officers used excessive force, but said they may have acted […]

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A Texas grand jury indicted a cop for shooting an unarmed Black man he assumed was breaking into a truck.