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In the latest viral example of white folks not minding their own business, let us introduce you to Franci Neely, a Houston socialite who was once married to Houston Astros owner Jim Crane.

Apparently, Neely is a resident of an upscale Houston neighborhood with a scenic park popular with people who like to take photos for the ‘Gram or wherever else people post photos of their engagements, gender reveals, baby pics and more.

While it can be annoying to see a daily parade of folks in your area snapping away, the problem is that the park is public property where, as long as its legal, people can do what they want.

Neely’s ire was incited by a family taking pics of their child’s first birthday who were blocking the walkway, something that is prohibited (but we can figure do anyway given that the walkway’s rows of trees is what makes is so scenic in the first place).

An irate Neely confronted the couple and as these encounters go, ended up being recorded. At first it was a verbal confrontation, but then Neely took it a step further by hitting at the camera phone recording her.

The phone belonged to Isaiah Allen, the baby’s father. He and his wife were understandably outraged by Neely’s behavior and posted the video on social media. Neely responded, saying that the amount of photographers in the park bothered her, but that she was “sorry” she got so angry.

We’re thinking that Neely, who has confronted other in the past, got luck that she confronted a couple who didn’t respond to her physically pushing a cameraphone away in a completely different manner.

Watch the story below:


Here is the raw video of the incident:


What would you have done?



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10 thoughts on “WATCH: Houston Socialite Angered By Child’s Birthday Shoot Goes Viral

  1. The photo taking is not the problem with that angry woman, its because the couple is a interracial couple and have a beautiful baby. She had no right walking up on the man and slapping at his camera. If she’s that up set with any photo taking, she needs to keep her distance while it is going on. What she did was totally unnecessary. White Privilege is out of control.

  2. CYNTHIA FERRELL on said:

    I would have smacked the shit out of her. She should be glad she ran into some black folks that gave her some slack. White privilege affords them to have such racist and despicable behavior.

  3. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Did she get annoyed b/c they blocked the walkway when she was walking or was she just being nosy Neely with nothing else to do? Just wondering who appointed her Ranger Smith in a public park? Glad the couple did got a cute pic of the baby with the balloons.

  4. Ted Gravely on said:

    White people always take it too far. They just can’t keep their hands to themselves. Walk around. Talk smack, tell them you don’t appreciate them blocking the side wall and walk around. This is a place where folks come to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. Get over yourselves and stop walking mad. Notice most of these white wrinkled up hags are by themselves. A white woman values herself based on relationships. When relationships fail – they stay angry. This is hilarious.

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      Every time you turn around their white privilege is saying, “Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” all the while in someone else’s business.

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