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TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Authorities say an Oklahoma man stole a Pepsi truck as the driver was unloading soda in the back.

Tulsa police say no one was hurt. The driver jumped out of the back when he felt his rig move. A trail of sodas spilled out as the truck drove off.

Police say Steven Hart told them he was trying to get to the airport after an argument with his girlfriend. The girlfriend says he was searching for her.

Police say that when they caught up to the truck stopped in traffic, Hart jumped out and started to run off. Hart was arrested as the rig rolled into the back of a school bus. No children were aboard.

Hart is being held on pending charges that include larceny and attempted escape from the county jail as he was being booked into custody.

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2 thoughts on “Man Says He Stole Pepsi Truck To Get To The Airport

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    So folks – see why you don’t address racist ignorant trolls. Prime example of stupidity under my boot. I don’t understand why folks think we want to be around colonizers and coons. Anyway, this fool white man must have been on that oooo weee. They should have a jail for “dumb stuff.” The kid who pretended to be a doctor, the druggie who calls the police to report stolen weed, ect.. send them to the Army, make them volunteer, ect. This should be filed under – seriously ignorant news. Where you at Damon?

  2. Butter Pecan on said:

    It’s no wonder White folk don’t want nothing to do with us, hell, I don’t want to be around these common knee growths

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