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Black Twitter wasted no time expressing their rage over the Grammys Motown tribute featuring Jennifer Lopez. Many questioned why The Academy of the Recording Arts didn’t call on a legendary urban/R&B artist to represent the historic label.

As we previously reported, Motown OG Smokey Robinson came to Lopez’s defense prior to her hitting the Grammys stage on Sunday night.

“I don’t think anyone who is intelligent is upset,” he told Variety. “I think anyone who is upset is stupid.”

Robinson made the comment to Variety’s Marc Malkin outside Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy gala on Saturday. The legendary singer/songwriter/producer also performed alongside J.Lo, said she had more than enough credibility “growing up in her Hispanic neighborhood” in the Bronx. But it’s more than that he reminded.

“Motown was music for everybody. Everybody,” he repeated.

“Who’s stupid enough to protest Jennifer Lopez doing anything for Motown?” he asked.

Meanwhile, R&B/Motown enthusiasts are pissed that Lopez reportedly lip-synced over classic Motown tracks with Robinson.

One Twitter user wrote: “Umm i could have thought of about a million other artist better for this performance other than @JLo.”

While another commented: “Jennifer Lopez is doing the Motown tribute and when Janelle Monae [sic] is right there and I just don’t understand the creative decision.”

Lopez on Sunday responded to the criticism she received for participating in the Motown tribute at this year’s Grammy Awards ceremony.

“Any type of music can inspire any type of artist,” she said to Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier. “You can’t tell people what to love. You can’t tell people what they can and can’t do — what they should sing or not sing.”

“There are SO many Motown artists who are alive and well, so why aren’t these artists performing in the Motown tribute?” one viewer asked.

“Motown was an historically black label and the bulk of that Motown tribute was by Jennifer Lopez,” another critic said.


The label also posted then deleted the following…

We Love J. Lo, And She’s A Great Performer But Not For The Grammys’ Motown Tribute
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22 thoughts on “Motown Responds To Critics Of Jennifer Lopez’s Grammys Tribute

  1. Nice TRYJ-LO but NO TACOS for ya!!!!!! SHUD HAVE BEEN A BLAGK PERFORMER!!!!!! MOTOWN MUSIC IS GROWN from BLACK ROOTS and shud be represented as such.We all know the struggle of MIss j-lo but our struggle has been more HURTFUL.So SMOKEY ITS WHAT THE MUSIC REPRESENTS and not just who is was for.So SMOKEY you shud be ASHAMED of yourself to SELL OUT somethin you were Part of CREATING. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    I’m a little taken back by Smokey. Mr. Robinson came along at a time when blacks had to suppress who they were and didn’t have the opportunity to make their music on other labels. Smokey said, “Back in those days, especially if you were black, nobody was paying you what you should be paid, if they paid you at all. So Berry decided to start his own record company and gave us that outlet.” Somethings should stay what it is. Damn, black people have pennies and folks want every damn cent. It wasn’t about J whomever Smoke – it was about your people that loved and supported Motown all these years. Stand up for that!!

  3. Dot Sierra W on said:

    Excuse me, Mr. Robinson but not enjoying watching Jennifer Lopez butcher Motown songs does not make me stupid. But, if you had a hand in the decision to select Jennifer for the tribute, I’d say that makes you rather stupid.

  4. Dot Sierra W on said:

    Janet Jackson is alive and well and her brothers were Motown artists. No excuse for this misstep. And Motown artists were known for their great singing style and class, not booty-shaking dancing.

  5. I appreciate J Lo incorporating “Another Star” by Stevie Wonder which has Latin rhythms highlighting the greatness of Motown and its artist. Please give J Lo a break….remember when Beyoncé performed “My Daddy said shoot “ with the Dixie chicks at the country music awards and it was not received so well by the Country music lovers? Music is to bring folks together not keep us apart. With that being said The Grammy’s still could’ve been more sensitive when they chose the performer for the Motown tribute

  6. Rune Graham on said:

    I didn’t think it was correct choice, but most of those songs either the performers are old, passed on aren’t performing to entire health they once had. The around way girl, loves shake her body and do everything black or Puerto rican..

  7. I did NOT appreciate Ms. Lopez doing the Motown tribute during the Grammy Awards.

    True, Motown music crossed over to white folks-who loved the sounds as much as We
    did, however, the tribute would have MEANT so much MORE if a PERSON of COLOR
    had done it.

    I grew up listening to both the Motown Sound and TSOP–The Sounds of Philadelphia-Gamble & Huff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. She did good if it was a show for her only but it was motown and there needed to be more of “soul” to a great tribute. That is what people are saying and not just blacks either.

  9. The Truth on said:

    You can dice or slice it. This was NOT Right and everyone knows it. Slap in Black America Faces again. Everyone wants to be Proud of their Heritage and Represent their Own when Need come. J lo of All people should of know that and just humbly bowed out. It’s the Principal and The Respect of The Matter and Motown. It’s a really SAD DAY when Black America feelings don’t Matter but we want the country to Heal…tell me how WHEN BLACKS AMERICA FEELINGS NEVER CONSIDERED OR MATTERS!😢😢😢

  10. Passing Through!! on said:

    “Motown was music for everybody. Everybody,” he repeated.
    Really Smokey, calling critics stupid in defense of a white Latina woman. Jennifer Lope doesn’t give 2 s**ts about black people. She’s done what every non-black artist has done pimped black culture and kept it moving. It’s always black people who want to be for everybody when nobody is for us.

  11. Steve Kirkpatrick on said:

    Smokey views on JLo , Latin singers, and Latin music maybe bias. Reasoning being, I seen Smokey in concert last month and he told the audience he had been studying Spain the last few years. He song a duo with a Spain lady and song a single in Spanish..

  12. “All of our Lives We had to Fight” (in my Oprah’s voice). I, too, felt that WE could have found somebody to do OUR tribute ! Sorry – Not Sorry. With all of the talent of African American’s out there, we give the honor to someone who didn’t have the same struggles. No doubt that JLo is a wonderful performer, but it was more than the ‘Performance’ that the message was intended to show !

  13. AnthonyAnthony on said:

    Madonna’s tribute to Prince and now J Lo’s Motown tribute. What have we learned? Why are we being force fed alternatives to represent our music and culture?

  14. americanize on said:

    OK Smoky there going to have the latin music awards,and a tribute to the great latin singers and they want smoky to do it.Not the Latinas would be outrage,and you no it.Thank God for the soul train awards.

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