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Oh Lord! Here we go with another manufactured outrage at Will Smith. When it comes to Big Will and some of his movie choices, he certainly and rightfully draws criticism. That leads us to his latest role, err, color (as the genie in Aladdin) … that’s pissin’ off a lot of Disney fans.

If you was watching the Grammys on Sunday you got a chance to see what Will’s gonna look like as the blue genie … and it’s safe to say practically nobody is thrilled. He does look totally weird.

“It turns out that Will Smith’s Aladdin Genie will haunt my nightmares,” on fan tweeted. Another person said, “Will Smith genie is what appears in my room when I have sleep paralysis.”

Wait! There’s more …

“I just stepped outside and … how are there not crashed cars? How are there not people walking around in a daze? Have they not seen the Will Smith genie yet? Dare I show them?”

Here’s something to think about. Remember back in December when folks got a glimpse of what Will was gonna look like as the Genie character? You may have forgotten, but everyone went off on Disney for not making him blue? After the trailer dropped, Will posted a video and picture on Instagram and captioned it, “I told y’all I was gon’ be Blue!! Y’all need to trust me more often!”

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