Kamala Harris Believes ‘Black America’s Agenda Needs To Be America’s Agenda’


Senator Kamala Harris is in the running to be the 46th president of the United States. While there are a number of people excited to see a Black woman running, there are some people who question some things in her past.

Harris was a District Attorney and with that job comes putting people in jail. Some people are worried that she put Black men and women in jail and didn’t do enough to reform the prison system. But, Harris says she was actually one of the first DA’s to focus on young offenders and getting then support and jobs. She says her “objectives have been about public safety and reform.”

As far as what she’ll do for Black people if she’s elected, she believes that “Black America’s agenda needs to be America’s agenda.”


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17 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Believes ‘Black America’s Agenda Needs To Be America’s Agenda’

  1. I’ll be voting. I Probably won’t be voting for her. I don’t know why the media kept throwing her name into the presidential fray. This racist country will never vote for another blk person for prez. Her best hope is to be on a ticket as VP. Look out for Micheal Bennett from Colorado. Sherrod Brown from Ohio, And Joe Biden.

  2. Michael Middleton on said:

    One of our main problems is that we talk to everyone else about the person or people we’re frustrated with. Why not write or confront the people who we have problems with? If you disagree with Kamala or anyone else, have enough courage to directly let them know. When we are reluctant to confront people directly about our concerns, nothing but confusion gets accomplished.

    • There are people who are confronting her with the issues but from what some of them are saying, she’s not taking the requests very seriously.

      To me,if she has that kind of attitude for these people,I’m just imagining how indifferent she’ll be as president. Yes,she’s does need to help others but for so long Black people want their just due and been wanting it for a long time but have yet to see. On top of it,I can’t afford for my vote to go to a woman who have worked so hard to jail Black folks with excessive jail time and even have an innocent guy sent to death row.

      No can do with Kamala, I don’t want my family yo be wronged by her zealousness of sending Black folks to h–l.

      • Michael Middleton on said:

        @Really…I agree. If she or anyone refuses to listen to their constituents, they will not make good leaders. A good leader is a good listener, and heeds good advice.

  3. Really on said:

    I admit ,when I first learned about Kamala’s ambitions of running for president,I was happy for her but the more I began to read her bio as a prosecutor,I grew disgusted of her and what she said in this article really made me disown her. She’ll never have my vote.

    For once…just once can Black folks needs be respected? Everytime they ask of this request it has to be ” shared” with others and not recognized as our needs,while other groups get what they want. I feel used whenever they want the Black vote because that is all they want. Everyone some political candidate come in our churches, I just want to show them the back door because of it. People like Kamala want something for nothing.

  4. Marietta Wilson on said:

    I would never vote for this woman, her only agenda is her self, illegal, gays, white people, she has no agenda to help black people, she is another Obama, he did nothing to help black people, she will be just like him, black america please watch every word this woman says, she will show her self by telling you just what and what she stand for.

    • OMG! You sound like me. I agree, I will never vote for her either for those reasons. Gone are the days when I will vote blindly because of color. She’s is just saying things for blacks vote.

    • natasha johnson on said:

      I agree with you completely. This woman is not for black america at all. I hope everyone that votes listen for the things that she and Corey Booker say and for the things they dont say. And do not vote because of color or party affiliation. Like all politicians they need the black vote, but can care less about our issues and concerns.

  5. Earnest Williams on said:

    That’s why we as black ADOS foundational black Americans aren’t voting for this bed wrenching ass imposter,we need tangibles not excuses to include everybody because when that happens our needs get ignored now more benign neglect from these phonies #Tangibles2020

  6. americanize on said:

    Black America you have no friends.Homosexuals can get laws for there group,immigrants can get laws for there group,bankers can get laws for there group.This woman may as well be a republican,why they keep calling her black,she calls herself indian American.If there’s no candidate that can give black voters something in return for there vote,like they do other groups.45 will become 46.Were not just giving our vote away,well just stay home.We got played by Obama it won.t happen again.

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