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So what would you do if the Lyft you ordered came with Taraji P. Henson as the driver?

Well, that’s exactly what went down in LA recently when Lyft riders had a not-so-typical commute with Henson  at the wheel.

You’ve probably figured out the star of Fox’s “Empire” and the new comedy flick, “What Men Want” posed as a driver in the ride-sharing app’s latest installment of “Undercover Lyft.”

And, like all the other celebs who participate, Henson wasn’t doing it for kicks. Nope, it was to promote that new film.

For her escapade, the actress, 48, sported a cap and sunglasses while she drove a few passengers around LA and slyly mentioned to one:

“I want to see this movie that’s coming out, ‘What Men Want,’ because I really want to know,” dropping a reference to her new film. “Damnit, I want to know!”

The clever Ms. Henson also surreptitiously got in a shout-out to her “Empire” character Cookie, by offering cookies to riders in the glove compartment, and tried to keep riders distracted by talking about their personal lives.

Here’s something you might not know. Lyft is close to Henson’s heart, as it supports her Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. Named after the actress’ father, the foundation works to change the perception of and spread awareness about mental illness in African-Americans.

By the way, lucky riders were treated to the Los Angeles premiere of “What Men Want.”

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5 thoughts on “Taraji P. Henson Shows Up As Lyft Driver – Watch What Happens

  1. Millie Watson on said:

    Really…… We know you dont need the money….anything to get publicity…come onnow…..seems like after R Kelly…shout out…you have a need to be outhere to be heard or seen….every single day for last 10 days youre on google ….not that serious

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