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Jess Hilarious is usually making fans laugh with her “Jess With The Mess” entertainment news on social media and on the hit show “Rel,” but some are a little upset with her after some recent events. According to Love B. Scott on social media she went back and forth with someone in the comments section of a post and called them a ‘f*ggot.’

After the incident people began talking about it on social media and recently Jess went on social media to apologize.

On Instagram, she wrote in the caption of her video, “Listen, I have NEVER been homophobic in my fucking life. I love gay people as they love me. Yesterday I called a young man a “faggot” For disrespecting me. And for that, to the LGBT community I sincerely apologize. However if I feel disrespected and that someone hit below the belt, whether they are gay or not, I’m going to return the same energy. I’m trying to control my anger at this point in my career By being more positive, but just like anybody else, it’s a growing process. I ask that the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 gives respect as they want it. If you feel as if you can’t forgive me and I am still canceled on your watch I totally understand 🌈 Still Love you guys.”

Some didn’t feel her apology was sincere and took to social media to talk about it. Watch the apology, here and tell us your thoughts.


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