A Maryland High School student is accused of sharing a racist Snapchat post online because her school lost a basketball game by one point.

“It was deplorable,” parent Jason Doyle told WJZ. “Kids these days and even adults shouldn’t be talking like that.”

In the school’s parking lot, a student told WJZ that he knew the girl and forgives her.

“I feel nowadays we should just let stuff go like that,” said Robert McDonald. “but I know she is going to get a punishment and all that and that’s understandable.”

A school spokesperson reportedly said that kind of behavior and language goes against the district’s beliefs.

Anne Arundel County has experienced several incidents where officials have had to address allegations of racism in schools.

At Chesapeake High, a student reportedly displayed a Confederate flag in his vehicle and nooses were found at Chesapeake Bay and Crofton Middle School.

Last week, the superintendent reportedly kicked off meetings to address the ongoing problem.

“It makes me both very angry and very sad that, in 2019, we’re having to have these conversations,” Superintendent George Arlotto told the station. “but we know that we have to do this on behalf of our kids.”

But after this latest incident, African-American leaders said that they want change now.

“We’ve been very appreciative of the work that Doctor Arlotto has done up to this point,” said Carl Snowden. “but again, enough is enough and if Doctor Arlotto is not able to get a handle on this and address this issue, then it’s time to find a new superintendent.”

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