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Two white men in Alabama were released from police custody and are not facing charges after threatening to “shoot some f*****g n*****s” in a viral Snapchat video.

According to WHNT,  the suspects are, Christopher Tidmore, 19, and his friend “Ronny.” The two were taken into custody by the Huntsville Police Department after the video was shared to Facebook.

Tidmore is not visible in the video but can be heard. In the video, Tidmore and “Ronny” can be heard making threats and using racial slurs. “We’re going to have to shoot some f*****g n*****s,” Tidmore can be heard saying. “They’ve got apartments… we got n*****s everywhere bro, holy s**t.”

On July 7, 2018, the Huntsville Police asked for help identifying the men seen in the viral video. Not long after, police were able to identify both men. After evaluating the situation, investigators determined Tidmore is not a threat to society, reports WHNT .

According to  WHNT, Tidmore was detained when he came in on his own to report he was receiving death threats. During his visit, police detained him so he could talk to Huntsville investigators.

Johnson said the Huntsville Police Department is communicating with the District Attorney’s office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to see what charges may apply to Tidmore. The department has no record of other interactions with Tidmore, Johnson confirmed. The other man in the video will not face charges.

See the video below:


Stars Hailing From Alabama
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14 thoughts on “Snapchat Video Of Two White Men Threatening To Shoot Black People Results In No Charges

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    Why does it take this site so long to load? Go to yahoo and boom! it’s loaded. And why are all theses dam ads with their ugly peckerwood face pasted everywhere? We can’t have nothing to ourselves nothing because these fools always got to be up in our business causing strife. BAW work on your site because it’s annoying to have to wait for it to load and way to many ads on here way to many.

  2. SheCat54 on said:

    If you feel threatened by one of these big mouth retards SHOOT!!! you have the right to protect your life and your families. These fools won’t learn until we start doing that. They act like they want us to put them out of their misery.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Sigh… As a citizen, you cannot just open fire on someone who says something you don’t like, even a threat…Self defense only applies when you are defending yourself from physical danger and then, there are strict circumstances where you are able to use deadly force…actually, you have a duty to retreat once the threat has been sufficiently subdued…I almost feel sorry for many of you posting…you are just as hateful and racist as the white folks who are hateful and racist…you lump a whole entire race in one category, yet you’re the same ones who spit fire when it’s done to black folks. Stop being afraid of white folks…I think many of you have forgotten that you are grown, free adults. There will always be hatred of others, you cannot control that no matter how much you try. I fear no other human being on this Earth because no human being can control me or take residence in my emotional or mental sphere unless I allow them to and I simply do not allow them to.

  3. tedgravely on said:

    While modern day Rome (U.S.) burns our Nero (#45 -fat incompetent behind) is fiddling away. These racist cowards made threats specifically to black people, but they have that privilege so no harm. Then one fool goes to the station to report that he is receiving death threats. If speech is free, it goes both ways. Don’t change the rules. Jackarse just learned a valuable lesson; you go low on some people and they will meet you at the gravesite. White people always stabbing someone in the back, and then try to hide the bloody knife.

  4. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Again, nothing but cowards. The white race is truly showing their color in spite of them not having any. Low IQ mofos.

  5. americanize on said:

    The law enforcers probably told the young devils well if you decide to kill some ni**ers since you put on facebook u probably will go to jail,and as you know racist will sacrifice there freedom for white supremacy.Watch ur back around white people.

  6. Justbeingme on said:

    If it was a black persons talking About killing some crackers they would be charged the police would have probably broke down their door and searched for weapons and arrested them on the spot. White privileged this is what that racist ignorant bastard trump started. This fat cracker talk this mess and then wants police protection. I hope one of these Black Country boys catch them alone and shoot their cracker asses. And I don’t condone violence but these white peoples are getting out of control.

  7. He ran his fat, nasty, cowardly ass into the police station to report he was receiving death threats? Did I read that right? If so, I hope the threats keep coming I hope the Hounds Of Hell chase him to the edge of sanity, let him come back and do it again. Him and his fellow turd. Anyone with a heart that black does not deserve peace.

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