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HOUSTON (AP) — Five Houston officers were injured in a shooting Monday in an incident involving a suspect and taken to a hospital, police said.

Houston police tweeted the officers were “struck with gunfire following an encounter with a suspect” Monday afternoon in a neighborhood in southeast Houston.

Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union, tweeted that two officers were in critical condition and the other three in stable condition at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Houston.

One of the officers was transported to the hospital by helicopter, Gamaldi said.

“Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers,” he said.

A suspect was dead at the scene and SWAT officers were working to make sure no one else was inside the building where the shooting took place, police said.

Additional information on the suspect was not immediately available.

Both Turner and Police Chief Art Acevado went to the hospital where the injured officers were taken, but didn’t immediately comment to media there. They were scheduled to hold a news conference later Monday evening.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the shooting was a “solemn reminder” of the service and sacrifices made by officers.

“The city of Houston and the Houston Police Department will have whatever state resources they need to bring swift justice to those involved,” Abbott said in a statement.





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5 thoughts on “Five Officers Injured In Houston Shooting, Suspect Dead

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Respect for blue racists is at an all time low. Just like blue racists treat the community, communities are sick of being treated like the enemy. Harassed for petty offenses, talked to like dogs, pulled over for made up violations, violating people with stop and frisk, on and on. Now the blue racists are the enemy of the people.

    • And yet, everyone seems to have them on speed dial. Be interesting to see what would happen if they all decided to go on vacation at the same time. Then you’d really find out who your enemies are.

  2. SURPRISE,SURPRISE these POPOS thought they were going to make a drug bust of their lives and they got BUSTED alright with a HAIL of DRUG DEALERS BULLETS.!!!!! But RE you entered their DOMAIN and got what you deserved a BADASS WHIPPIN.So no sorrow here next time you all will KNOCK before you come in and maybe the SUPRISE won”t be so TRAMATIC and got you all saying WTF!!!!! A LESSON FOR THE ROGUE POPO!!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

    • Well, it didn’t really work out too well for the drug peddlers either. Matter of fact, I’d say they got they got screwed without the use of Vaseline. At least the neighborhood won’t have to be worried about them distributing that poison to their kids. These officers will mend. The sewer turds will be worm food. Scratch that last statement. The worms probably won’t want them either.

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