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Kamaria Nelson has been in the hospital for nearly three weeks after she was severely wounded in an attack at Texas her apartment that claimed the lives of her three small children.

On Wednesday, her father, Taurus Nelson, told ABC13 Eyewitness News she is recovering, but not aware that her kids, who range in age from 2 months to 5 years old, are gone. The family decided not to share that fact for the sake of her own health.

Kamaria’s boyfriend, 27-year-old Junaid Mehmood, is accused of killing the three children on Jan. 3.

According to ABC13, Mehmood confessed to 911 dispatchers about killing Angela Pilot, 5; Prince Larry Brown, 2; and 2-month-old Ashanti Mehmood.

Police said the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office found the three young victims suffered multiple stab wounds, as well as blunt force trauma. Kamaria was found alive with gunshot and stab wounds.

She is undergoing treatment at University of Texas Medical Branch. Her father said she is trying to breathe on her own, as well as regain the ability to speak.

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37 thoughts on “Mom In Hospital After Attack, Not Aware Her 3 Kids Were Killed

  1. Mrs. Petty on said:

    My prayers are with this mother and her family. But everyone is saying be careful who you bring around your kids but did anyone pay attention to the last baby’s name. It was his child, and there are men and women that have been with someone for years and they snap and kill their families. Point is that you never really know anyone, you just have to pray and look out for warning signs. Because most of the times there are signs before it gets to this point.

    • Yes Amen to that! I saw the warring signs and got away with mine and my son’s life 20years ago. May The GOD OF PEACE keep this mother and all who knew and loved these babies in HIS LOVING HANDS, I sit here with tears in my eyes

  2. Pam Nelson on said:

    Doesn’t matter black or white,you shouldn’t be bringin strangers around your children!!! These are gifts from God !!! They depend on their mothers to keep them safe from men like this!!! Don’t bring anyone around your children unless they are a man of God and you’ve know that by cinviction,with your eyes,heart and soul!!! If you love your children like you profess too ,you owe it to them,they sure can’t protect themselves!! That’s your job until they are of age!!! We have to do a better job ,black ,white all mothers of this will continue to happen!! May those precious children rip!! They are with Jesus now where no harm will never come to them ever again!! Prayers for that precious mother who is going to need them and so much more when she learns all 3 of her babies are gone …. How will she be able to go on….. How???? By the grace of God I pray💯💓😟

    • You are completely wrong even man of god pastors do wrong I have a man in moly life since y youngest was 3 and we still together I have 1 child with him and in total I have 5 kids you may be with your partner for years and you never gonna truly know him so your words dont make any sense it took me 4 years to finally bring him into my home and was after our son was 3 years til we move together and 2 almost 3 we got married and I dont regret a bit so all man are not the same and you never gonna know who you sleeping with

  3. Nellie on said:

    Is this sad or what? Why the children? Did he snap or just stupid crazy? Jesus, how cruel. Women we have to know who we bring over our babies. How many times is this going to happen before you wake up? A boy was murdered in Newark by the mother’s boyfriend.

  4. Marcus.lard99 on said:

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  5. OMG! My ❤ hurts for her. Lord give her strength. R.I.H babies. This animal that did this should be sent to a state that has the death penalty that doesn’t wait for years to use it.

    • Felicia Roberts on said:

      You are so right Marsha Sankey Motley Just too too much evil in this world! This is too sad! The mother will need all the love and support from her friends and family. Too Heartbreaking! May those precious babies Rest eIn Heaven!

  6. A sad and unfortunate story but BAW needs a proof-reader to review & make corrections in their publications before their are released. I’m just saying!

    • Big news last year in CO. Chris Watts! All these family annihilatirs should be put in the same housing together! Sociopathic narciissists! Devil on a rampage against Gods creation.

  7. Abbie Walton on said:

    How cold hearted, this is about babies being murdered and mother fighting for her and this person on here trying to sell pipe dreams. Prayers for the family and for God to help this poor mother when she finds out about her babies.

  8. Black women stay away from thugs. A thug is defined as a violent person. My sorrow for her children and her pain. Anyone can be a thug.

    • Blackbeckie on said:

      black women u must b mind readers and know the future to have relationships with black men. you cannot trust and expect that black men r good men. protection is not promised.

      • Olivebeauty on said:

        Hold on now…white men kill their wives, kids and the pet. If u watch id channel, There is a plethora of murders committed by white men, and whites in general. Statistically, they murder far more than blacks. They just don’t print about it. Ck out FBI files.

    • A thug wife on said:

      Ur statement is not true at all …..my husband was thug …me been together since high school …..11 kids …..marry for 20 …….my husband worked and sold drugs in the past n never put me or my children in harm ways. The are great black men still out there.

    • Yes, we will Lift this Family Up in Prayer; but I want some JUSTICE; He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the LAW; The Bible says prayer with out Work is DEAD;

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