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Daphne Bradford, entrepreneur, nationally recognized educator, #MeToo survivor and former EURweb columnist is a FEC (Federal Election Commission) registered 2020 presidential candidate.

Daphne has spent her career fighting for high quality education, health care for all,  school/community safety, comprehensive gun control and for a woman’s right to work without being sexually harassed.  The Daphne for a Reunited America (DRA) 2020 presidential campaign will “Unite US” around these universal issues.

As a 2020 candidate who has experienced sexual harassment in the workplace Daphne will be the #MeToo survivor who will be the catalyst for bipartisan unity.

In a time when we have a record number of diverse women elected to Congress, America needs more female candidates to run for President of the United States.  “I’ve talked to men from both parties who agree that when women don’t run for elected office we lose our voice to the ideological interpretation of our wants and needs.  Let’s unite and change that together.” states Bradford, a 2020 presidential candidate.

For more information join the Daphne for a Reunited America (DRA) campaign  https://www.daphnebradford2020.com/


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12 thoughts on “Daphne Bradford Is A 2020 Presidential Candidate

  1. Girlfriend save your money. This must be a joke because this campaign is going no where. It’s going to be serious business to get Trump out of office……..so stop playing

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    I think some of these people are throwing their name in the hat for posterity. Kind of like trump trying to use his presidential candidacy for business purposes and it backfired horribly.

  3. What political experience does Daphne have?
    She has never HELD any political seat.

    So what makes her QUALIFIED to run for prez in 2020?

    I guess none, since we have the Grand Wizard living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!!!!!!!!!!

    I am putting my $$$ on California’s Kamala Harris.
    She is already talking/acting like a legit presidential candidate!!!!!!!!!

      • You get a clue Wack Daddy!! Tired of your asinine comments. Shouldn’t you be watching Fox and Friends instead of trolling on here??

    • The only problem with Harris aka: Jamima Light Brown is she can’t sleep her way into the WH she’ll have to actually appeal to the majority of voters in the majority of states…..like The Don did

      • @huf. That shit currently sitting on his fat lazy ass in the wh, will NOT, i repeat, will NOT win next yr. I’ll bet ur trailer on it.

      • jhf I’m sure her husband wouldn’t appreciate her sleeping her way to the top. She’s more qualified than Trump was when he ran……and unfortunately the Clown in Chief won. Kamala 2020

      • [Kelli] aaaand you know her husbands like and dislikes HOW? BTW Trump kicked Hilary’s ass so what does that make her????

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