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Police have identified the man they believe shot and killed an 18-year-old man and wounded another person at an Illinois mall Monday night.

ABC 7 reports 19-year-old Jakharr Williams is believed to be responsible for the shooting death of Javon Britten. Williams reportedly has an active parole warrant and a manhunt for him is underway.

According to reports Britten was shot in the chest and was able to stagger a short distance before collapsing. He later died at a hospital.

Family members said Britten was at the mall with his cousin when they encountered someone they knew from High School. Williams reportedly said something about not liking Javon.

“My other nephew Charles tried to diffuse the situation,” said Stephanie Kizer, the victim’s aunt.

But it escalated and Williams allegedly pulled a gun.

“He shot at Javon five times I believe, and two times at my other nephew Charles, but Charles was able to get away and get safe inside one of the stores in the mall,” Kizer said.

Britten’s family told the outlet that they don’t know of any bad history between the two.

“I’m praying for both sides of the families and I ask for this young man with the help of God to surrender yourself,” Kizer said.

According to police Williams is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information on him is asked to contact Orland Park police at 708-349-4111 or email at crimetips@orlandpark.org.

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3 thoughts on “Police Identify Suspect In Illinois Mall Shooting

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