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Nearly 1,200 people signed an online petition last week demanding the organizers of DreamVoice disinvite Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who made headlines in 2016 for lying about her European heritage and served as Spokane President for the NAACP.

“We take tremendous issue with Dolezal being given both an audience and opportunity to further monetize her exploitation of Black women and the community at large,” read the statement on

DreamVoice had invited Dolezal to the event to participate in a Q&A after a screening of “The Rachel Divide,” a documentary about the impact her #whitelies had on her family. However, according to an Express-News report, after President Shokare Nakpodia met with the petition’s author and Dolezal opponents, organizers ultimately decided to uninvite her.

They agreed that her “presence here is going to be a distraction from the over 150 partners and 170 plus events that we have lined up,” Nakpodia said.

“The documentary is not at all supportive of her actions, it really just talks about the impact of her actions,” he added.

Kirsten Thompson, who authored the petition, described Dolezal’s invitation as “an egregious offense against San Antonio’s black women.”

Meanwhile, Dolezal wants folks to note that “race is not real, we all are Africans.”

As reported by, recently she responded to a social media user who wrote: “But facts are fact. You cannot change your ethnicity. That’s fantasy not reality.”

To this, Rachel replied: “race is not real. Europeans made it up to oppress. We all are Africans. Consciousness and affiliation are a state of mind.”

Do you agree with Rachel’s “race is not real” comment?

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7 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal’s Appearance At San Antonio Dreamweek Canceled By Organizers

  1. williaml on said:

    These Idiots need to stop!
    None of us Negros have pure African Blood.
    If you think that you are African American, ask a real African and get your feelings hurt.

  2. Robert on said:

    The difference between US people of supposedly African Descent. We are like puppies we will lap anyone up. This is a contributing factor why we have not made the gains that other ethnic groups have. They first build their own and reach out to others, and we accept others more than we do each other. The fact she lied until found out. This is the issue, because she could do more to stem racism as a white woman speaking these same truths about race, as pretending to be black and until found out. She came through the back door instead of straight up. Black ignorant people learn to embrace, forgive, accept other blacks. This is the Slave Mentality that hinders US, being more concern about those who oppress than the oppressed. However ignorance is not Bliss.

  3. KINGIIII on said:

    Why can’t she be black if that’s how she feels. We say nothing when a man says he feels like being a woman or vice verse..stop being hypocrites and leave this woman alone

  4. I think that Rachel has a point, but what remains is taking it s bit further to help end racism in the world. We are after all one race, the human race.

  5. I think if this woman wants to take up our cross and shoulder this burden of simply living Black in America, we should allow her to do it. She takes nothing away from us.

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