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We know Rachel Dolezal is delusional (she’s a white woman who believes she’s a Black woman), but her latest escapade my be a bridge too far for some folks.

Here’s the deal. Dolezal has a new self-published memoir out that’s causing her critics to go in hard on her. Why, you ask? Because she’s got the unmitigated nerve to compare her book to Michelle Obama‘s Becoming (which is flying off the shelves) as far as gift giving for Christmas, reports The Blast.

In her new memoir, In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World, the woman who’s other name is Nkechi Amare Diallo, addresses her well-documented rise to fame as a chapter president of the NAACP who was later removed after it was revealed she was faking it as an African-American.

As you can see, Dolezal/Diallo, shared a photo on Instagram holding up her memoir, along with Michelle Obama‘s Becoming, and said, “Two great memoirs!” It has since been deleted.

Oh yeah, she magnanimously added that fans can get her memoir signed by buying it via her online store for “no extra charge,” and also that Obama’s memoir can be found “almost anywhere.”

Needless to sday, a whole bunch of folks (Michelle Obama stans?) didn’t waste any time letting Dolezal/Diallo know they weren’t there for the foolery … with comments like, “Lady, you’re delusional,” while another questioned, “Who would buy that?”

And check this out. One person even suggested Diallo/Dolezal was editing her comments.