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(Asheville Police Department)

A 51-year-old white male from Black Mountain, North Carolina, has gone viral in a disturbing video showing him assaulting a 12-year-old Black girl at the Asheville Mall.

David Steven Bell was arrested Saturday after punching the child in the face, sending her to the ground outside the mall. Bell was taken into custody by the Asheville Police Department and charged with assault on a female under the age of 12 and two counts of assault on a female, according to records and the Asheville Citizen-Times. The girl, who has not been identified, declined medical treatment and was not taken to the hospital. Bell, meanwhile, has been released from custody.

Video of the incident was posted on Instagram and Facebook on Saturday and quickly went viral on Sunday. In the video, Bell can be heard yelling to the girls to “break it up.” As other girls yell at him, one can be heard asking, “who is he?” What caused the argument remains unclear but at one point, one girl pushes Bell in the back.

The Asheville Mall said in a statement that the incident remains under investigation.

Journalist and activist Shaun King captioned the above clip of the incident on Instagram: “David Steven Bell, listed as 6 foot 5 inches tall, and 250 pounds, first shoved, then knocked out an 11 year old girl with a closed fist punch right to her face. Mall cops hardly took the thing seriously and local police charged the man with a damn misdemeanor. He’s already out. A misdemeanor. I’m furious.”

User lanreakinola replied: “@shaunking I am totally disgusted and this white man should never have punched the 11yr old girl with that force. On that note, why are our black children going out in public acting like they have no home training, disrespectful and unruly? What would have made her be in his face and physically charged a man (black or white) that size? This behavior is unacceptable and it speaks volume on the lack of home training, and decency our children need to emulate in public. The force used was too much but black or white, the man has a right to defend himself too.”

Another IG commenter, user yourmindmatters, wrote: “Everyone out there should have tore his azz up. Straight up. I don’t care what they had to use but his head should have got cracked. It’s a misdemeanor because she’s black and he’s white; had it been the other way around the black man would have gotten shot on site and that’s a fact. This world is just jacked up……”

According to, after his arrest, Bell deleted a Facebook page for his piano teaching business.

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129 thoughts on “White North Carolina Man Faces Assault Charges After Punching Young Black Girl Outside Mall

  1. Katherine Tino on said:

    Some of these commenters seem to have forgetten this is an 11yr old CHILD. And, I have a feeling their opinions would be different if he was black & she was white. Just saying.

  2. Getty Love on said:

    One report says 11 years old. Another says she was 12 years old. Where’s the actual verification? Those are some big looking 11-12 year olds. All by themselves like a bunch of pack rats at the mall? Where’s the parents? Oh sure, they can be there…as long as they don’t act like a pack of wolves.
    But I agree that this man should have kept walking because even with the push on his back he wasn’t in any danger.

  3. Tired of it on said:

    We the people are tired of these kids acting crazy, ganging up on people and hurting people. Fight or flight. I am taking no chances on a mob. I dont know if they have weapons or if they will all attack. Couple that with female and children behind me. This will continue if people keep babying these kids. For every action there is a reaction. This is learned behavior in the home and community. This is not normal behavior for a child. Where are the parents?

  4. Race card on said:

    What is wrong with everyone?! That girl has no , no home training. This man should not have punched her in the face, but she deserves to have her ass whooped. Wth did she thing was gonna happen? The man was just gonna let her come after him? If it was a black man defending himself against her, all y’all would be saying she got what she deserved. Everyone stop playing the race card. “MAN” should not have used such force & “LITTLE GIRL” should not have come at him. Just leave it alone. Oh wwait…yall waiting for Benjamin CCrump .

  5. It does NOT matter what the 12 yr old child MAY have done.
    She DID NOT deserve to be PUNCHED in the face by a grown ass man.

    white RACIST TURD needs to GO TO JAIL for ASSAULT/BATTERY!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fee Mac on said:

      Mac Daddy your always on African American related threads commenting. Do I think you are racist? Yes. Coward? Definitely Yes. Most of all though I think you are secretly jealous of Black ppl and have a hard on for ALL Black women and most Black men. Now come on out of your sheet and give us a hug n’k???

  6. Austin on said:

    People saying “how dare he use so much force”, it doesn’t even look like he actually swung that hard. Bitch got a glass jaw.

  7. Robert on said:

    She pushed first, she came at him with raised fists. What did she think was going to happen? She was the agressor. Teach your children better people. I hope he doesn’t get charged for defending himself.

    • Rick56 on said:

      Wow, so if that had been your daughter you would have been okay with a grown ass man pushing her to the ground with that much force? Lying pig. She gets up and tries to fight back and he punches her out and you think that’s self defense ??? Either you’re a batterer yourself, a racist violent abuser, or both. All of you who defend this are disgusting. These comments are just more proof that black children are not seen as children. It is how a sick demented society could electrocute a 14 year old black child turn of the century, murder Emmett Till of the same age and lynch a 13 year old. Kill Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice. You are not people. You are monsters in human form. And I don’t care how much attitude a teenager gives you don’t slug ANY WOMAN let alone a little girl in the face like that! But the fact that you are seeing comments on here defending this crap says black America you better wake the hell up. When these creatures can defend battery of a child, you better realize these aren’t your friends. He should have had a man follow his ass and give him a real target. Their true natures are coming out. Men MAN YOUR ASSES UP and defend your people!

  8. You people are insane. In no rational world should a grown man ever punch a child. He could have left instead of entertaining a bunch of kids. White boys out here shooting up schools and you demons cry about mental health but a black girl acts a fool and deserves to get knocked out by a grown man? None of you are slick.

    • Getty Love on said:

      He’s out of line. They’re also out of line. I see you reached pretty deep to justify their behavior too. So you’re OK with her pushing him & then raising her fists & rushing him?
      Again, I won’t stand up for him because he could have walked away.
      I also won’t stand up for them because they’re old enough to know better & people have a right to not be harassed like that. They clearly were looking for trouble.

      • Rick56 on said:

        LOOK AT THE DAMN VIDEO AGAIN IDIOT! She didn’t push him. He shoved her to the ground like he would a man. She jumped up to defend herself. Like anyone would. She got guts. You damn sure wouldn’t have the way you’re talking. You would have stood there like all the other punk cowards. These were children goddamit! So what if they were mouthing off. You don’t know what the hell HE said to them or was saying to them to provoke them. You’re just such damn cowards, either white racist or defenders of white racist, that what a normal human being would condemn you try to justify. Let that had been your kid. Unless you really are a disgusting coward you would have got in his face too. Just when it’s black women of any age, not just whites but even some of you black boys not men will not stand up for them. Like the girl in MacDonalds who beat the hell out of that white sucker who grabbed her. What were the men doing? Standing around watching. Betcha some of y’all had something negative to say about her defending herself too. Let me get off this page before I throw up. SMDH

  9. stephanie Jones on said:

    That maggot is a coward to use such force on a child. However, what the hell is wrong with these kids, they have no respect for adults black or white. What makes her think she can run up on an adult like that and don’t think there would be( according to Eddie Murphy) repercussion and consequences? These kids needs to stop being so confrontational and learn to communicate and deescalate situations.

    • Because when a black person is harmed it’s always about race.!!!!!!!!!
      That’s just how they justify acting the way they do.

      There are plenty of white people offended, attacked, robbed, disrespected all of the time by black people but WE ARE RACIST IF WE PULL THE DAME RACE CARD.!!!!

      It’s disgusting to see a man punch a child but equally disgusting to watch the way these what are supposed be young LADIES behave this way.!!!

      Neither are right. Black, white, yellow, brown, or purple.!!!!!!!!

    • Unfortunately the race card comes up because had the ethnicities been reversed the punishment would have been more severe. I’ll bet in the end the charges will be dropped. Had that been a group of Black males..the guy would have kept it moving.

    • Rick56 on said:

      First, it says BLACK AMERICA WEB fool! If you’re black no explanation is necessary. But racist violence against black people are happening all over the damn country. Take your dumb ass to school on YOUTube and key in “Violence against Blacks on the rise” or some shit like that and see what pops up. It’s an epidemic. But you gotta be white and you’re doing what you’ve always done, looking to vindicate the white male here and make even a black child deserving of being abused. Just like always. The MoFo was charged with a freaking misdemeanor and walked the same night. That’s how BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER to America. And sometimes not even to BLACK AMERICANS THEMSELVES because so many of us have had all the fight in us programmed out! Ridiculous.

  10. Christianforreal on said:

    Does anyone know the reason for this altercation? Yes he had every right to defend himself, and granted, even though he was over 6 feet and over 200 lbs, he was probably anxious and a little afraid with all those children and the excitement. He may have been a little over zealous in his reaction or at the same time, trying to make a point with the rest of the crowd. Based upon what’s shown in the video, I think he did what most of us would have done. What we didn’t see or hear on the video would probably define the actions we actually saw.

    • Rick56 on said:

      Are you serious? Maybe you should find him and ask him for a date. Then he can beat your ass like that. But you’d probably LIKE it! The mental ward is clearly out in force on these pages today. I thought this was BLACK AMERICA WEB not a site for LOONEY TUNES. Holla!

  11. I posted a comment earlier and also read a few comments. One posted by “black mom”. I am a white father and I absolutely agree with your post on this story. It goes back to the parents and holding their kids accountable. adult or not that man defended his child and if I found out my child was a actimg like this in public I’d beat their ass. Kids need to be taught to be classy not trashy and all I sin the video was a bunch of trashy kids being punks

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