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Police officer arresting a young man at night

Susan Chiang

A driver accused of hitting two children in a garage, killing one and seriously injuring the other, has been arrested on six charges, including DUI and homicide by vehicle.

Karlrio Kelsey, 34, was arrested Jan. 2, over a month after he was accused of hitting and killing 12-year-old Braden Stevenson and seriously injuring his best friend, 12-year-old Luke McWilliams, the AJC reports.

Kelsey reportedly faces charges of DUI, homicide by vehicle, serious injury by vehicle, failure to maintain a lane, reckless driving and endangering a child under 14 by DUI. He remains in jail on a $41,000 bond.

While Stevenson and McWilliams were looking for a pet hamster in Stevenson’s grandmother’s garage, Kelsey reportedly lost control of his truck, over-correcting and hitting the garage, the sheriff’s office said. The garage was 82 feet away from the road.

The truck ran over McWilliams and pinned Stevenson against a wall, AJC reports. According to a sheriff’s office incident report, Kelsey was not arrested at the scene.

Stevenson was reportedly taken to Piedmont Newton Hospital, where he later died. McWilliams was flown to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, underwent several hours of surgeries and has been in critical condition since.

Here’s a link to Stevenson’s GoFundMe page, which is fundraising for funeral costs. Here’s a link to McWilliams’ GoFundMe page, which is fundraising for his medical expenses.

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2 thoughts on “Driver Accused Of Hitting 2 Kids In Garage Faces DUI, Vehicular Homicide Charges

  1. No way is this the first DUI incident for this idiot. Too often people who decide to get drunk and drive are given a pass. They wrack up one offense after another. Even when they cripple or kill others the punishment if any is insufficient. Thats because they are looked at as being “sick”. Well sick or not they should have the book thrown at them legally at the first offense. Let them spend decades behind bars getting well and not running over anyone else. I have not one iota of sympathy for anyone who chooses to drive impaired by drugs or alcohol.

  2. charles on said:

    This is a case of IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME!!!! As for the DRUNK DRIVER they shud put his ass UNDER the JAIL ALIVE and WATCH HIM SUFFER!!!!!!

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