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Black Twitter came for Marvin Sapp’s head this week and put him on blast for his continued support for controversial singer R. Kelly.

According to Rolling Out, Sapp has a new song coming out with Kelly and many online users are not here for it — most especially after watching the disturbing Lifetime documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly.”

Sapp claims he prayed about whether to release the song and decided to go forward with it.

Below is a sampling of the backlash he has received.

In related news, R. Kelly responded to Lifetime’s 3-day doc about his perversion by threatening legal action last week. He then dropped a new song called “Born to My Music” on Friday, and on Monday sources close to the singer teased on a Facebook page that a forthcoming website called “will attempt to expose all of his accusers as liars as well as reveal their true motivations behind their allegations.”

The site posted a video that contradicted the allegations made by one of Kelly’s accusers and even shared text messages between him and an accuser who referred to him as “daddy.”

But several hours after it was posted, the page was taken down by Facebook, which issued a statement to TMZ saying, “The Page violated our Community Standards and has been removed. We do not tolerate bullying or sharing someone’s private contact information and take action on content that violates our policies as soon as we’re aware.”

Celebs Who Say #MuteRKelly
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15 thoughts on “Black Twitter Slams Marvin Sapp Over Relationship With R. Kelly

  1. Dwhite Devil on said:

    “Black” twitter slams marvin…..hmmm. I’m having trouble finding “White” twitter. Any help would be appreciated ty in advance. Oh, wait a second, that would be racist, never mind.

  2. Malik Matthews on said:

    Who is without sin cast the first stone.Which means it’s sad that we jumping on R Kelly for his transgressions but not jumping on our own transgressions. It amazes me we so quick to bash a man. Nevertheless we could all use some counseling. We can all use help to deal with our hidden inner and outer issues. Like I said in the beginning of this post who is without sin. Show me a perfect person. We may not done what he has been accused of doing but we have done something by deed or by thought we are yet guilty of that fact.

  3. Karen Mancillas on said:

    @tedgravely. I totally agree with you wow! I was just telling someone the other day primarily jusy what you said but on another topic. God bless you brother and we need to pray for that man. May God apply the correct justice and mercy.

  4. Shelia Nash on said:

    GOD said that vengeance is his, NOT ours, so ppl pls stop condemning others 4 their choice 2 associate with a sinner because honestly, we’re ALL sinners & we’ve done things that we need 2 be 4given 4, RIGHT!!! JUST STOP THE MADNESS OK!! GOD BLESS!!!! Cast the 1st stone if u have no sin & u don’t need 2 be 4given by Our FATHER in Heaven!!!

  5. Blax Fax on said:

    Since it has now been established that R. Kelly — having been molested as a child — is a person who needs psychological assistance and mediation, while I still condemn his behavior, I cannot so fully condemn him as I once would have done. I read that he sought to be “Saved” at a service organized by Minister Paula White’s husband. That is obviously a sign of a desire for repentance and renewal. However, without psychiatric intervention, he is obviously unable to meet the mark of restoration in his life. So rather than fully condemn him, I believe I must try to be supportive if he seeks professional help. Yet, he still should be held accountable in some way for his transgressions. I don’t believe that Marvin Sapp should be villified simply because he wrote a song with Kelly. Perhaps Kelly is trying to get his life together. Perhaps that song could also minister to someone else. I know that we as human beings do not have a Heaven nor a H ell to put anyone into; and that is not our calling to do anyway. We can condemn up to the point where we satisfy our own personal removal from the influences of such people and assist in preventing those in our care or under our influence to be beguiled by inappropriate behavior, However, I believe it is not our role to condemn others who are applying their own means to help the situation the best way they believe they can. Isn’t it appropriate for a pastor to do whatever it takes to help a so-called sinner? We as people need to be very careful with our condemnation of others without appropriate rationale. R. Kelly needs psychiatric help. If anything, rather than bash him only, it might be better to inspire him to get proper help.

    • Ted Gravely on said:

      Blax Fax – I hear you and somewhat agree. Don’t bash the Bishop trying to help R., but the flesh is furious with this monster. When is R going to repent without trying to make money? We don’t need more of his stupid songs, we want him to repent and sin no more. Stop screwing young girls body and mind. I’m all about not bashing our own, but when is R going to care about his own?

  6. Ted Gravely on said:

    So Bishop Marvin Sapp is ministering to a sinner. Hmmm. He is a Bishop that appears (as far as I know) to be in good standing. So he comes to the side of a sinner and you slam the Bishop for doing what Christ would do. Oh that sinner should pay, but the Bishop isn’t going to be the one. The Bishop is like that cool drink of water when you’re on fire. Remember Jesus didnt give that woman a free-pass caught in adultery to remain in her sin. He tells her to “sin no more.” With another man Jesus encountered, Jesus says, “Stop sinning, or something worse may happen to you.” (John 5:14). Don’t buy the record. I pray R pays for his sins by going to prison and pays major restitution. However, in the mist of the storm I want him to be saved. Now if it was Jamal Bryant with his living in sin, sleeping with everybody but his wife, I would come a different way. However, as far as I know….Marvin is in good standing. So let the Bishop be Bishop.

  7. The ENTIRE African American community gave R. Kelly a free pass to continue his molestation of underage young girls.

    Funny, the shit that WE should SPEAK OUT on-WE seem to remain SILENT and act like IT ALL WILL SIMPLY JUST GO AWAY.

    Whenever WE purchased R.Kelly’s CD’s, OUR Black radio stations continued to PLAY his music on the air–WE WERE CONDONING KELLY’S DEVIATE ACTIONS.

    This POS NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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