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(Photo Credit: PR Photos)

Denzel Washington had to school an anxious photo-seeking fan who got a little too close for comfort with the actor at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

According to People, the fan asked Washington: “Denzel, can I take a picture?” and immediately posed with his arm around the star.

“Did I say yes?” Washington snapped. “When you ask someone for a picture you wait for them to say yes.”

Washington and his wife, Pauletta Washington, were on hand for the awards ceremony to support to their son, “BlacKkKlansman” star John David Washington, who was up for Best Actor in a Drama. He didn’t win.

Before the ceremony, his parents were “visibly excited for their talented 34-year-old son and walked behind him,”Entertainment Tonight wrote.

Denzel earned his first Golden Globe nomination 30 years ago for “Cry Freedom.”

Denzel Washington Through the Years
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4 thoughts on “Denzel Washington Schools Fan On Proper Photo Etiquette

  1. Aaah get s grip..all you big dogs loved the attention when you were little pups trying to find your way and make it big time…now you have and the peons known as fans..some for years and years. Are talked to like they don’t matter?? I call BS!!

  2. Leslie on said:

    That’s right Denzel, school em’! Being a public figure doesn’t make you public “property”, so keep your hands to yourself unless instructed otherwise!

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